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And I think everybody was a little uneasy about what we might see. But he's been really good since he came. He has been good Clayton Kershaw one and all on the season as a starting pitcher with a two five era in twenty one ks Kershaw. Fastball velocity isn't what it used to be. It's obviously, but the lefty has made a great strides and accepting what he can. And can't do his sliders sharper various speeds, and he's getting more comfortable with the changeup, which always has been leased which one. Black. When it goes key. These consisted offering. Yes, she Kershaw is pitching differently than he's pitched because he has to before he used to be able to. It's like, I would imagine there's something similar in football. Where once you start to lose a little bit of a step, not while you're slow, but you're not as fast as you with Carolina. Carolina little bit less pitchers. The same way I'm not throwing ninety five hundred ninety one. So I have to pitch a little bit differently. No, you do you have to you have to figure out. How what you get out of that two case that you have because you got a lot of the case, which when you go to at the end of the day, that's not working for you. Let's change something. Let's get better at this guys. Do they they tend to go to I don't know more junk in baseball because they probably on a lot of heat and a lot of cutters, sliders and sinkers. And then all of a sudden they got a now star going with more curveball because change us because that gives them what it was that they had in the past. But just not what the velocity he's organ this hour made possible by. Hey steel. Yeah. That's right. I'll go hector's orange produce in two injuries right down the street. That's over there. True story. He's got those big full ones you're gonna like bag for ten bucks Okla hector's, orange approach. They sit down the street and south Orange County. You're not going to do sell an orange. It's not gonna happen. You need a permit. You gotta have. Shot. No, I understand that. But his down the street if we were in south Orange County, which I think will be later on this year. Now still going to be north still will be. Oh, so you lie to me. We might stay south. But we're going to be doing stuff north. That's not what you said. But you know, it's just he goes he's ready to go. He lied to. I didn't Heidi you, maybe change my vacation. I did make you know, you took your vacation we plan the holding around you because you're the star not like, but you don't plan stuff. You don't plan stuff without talking to me. I did talk to you for you have -solutely you, and Dan and the man that never do. They just plan we all like to play once in a while. So. Nobody right. All of a sudden, the good ones because you're talking about you know, you make that adjustment out. Imagine we've talked about this with certain wide receivers that once they lose that pop. Certain y receivers that is the case when guys like myself like Rosh was trying to make a joke. I I wasn't. I wasn't a four three guy. So I didn't need to worry about anything. It was just like as long as he wants to play football be fine, right guys that can burn the track at some point time. They don't burn up. The tracking him don't burn the track anymore. It's like he's not that good because he can't catch cold in Alaska and rainy day. What does it again? I'm this old in Alaska on a rainy day. You never heard that non never heard good as dead in a cowboy movie cold in the last rainy day cold Alaska is in his reign. You can't get sick sums wrong with you imagine keys Doppler in his last frozen stuff. The Padres figure. Your sixty mostly cloudy dodgers are twenty thirteen. They're on top of that division. But surprisingly the Padres are eighteen fourteen the right behind now. I don't think anybody expects them to be there at the end of the line, but they've gotten much better. It's not just Machado. All those other guys have gotten better to know why they brought him child..

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