Charles, UK, Castro discussed on BBC World Service


Meta for them disappointed as for five lines the commander showed us the frontline many have diets to defend. these men are fighting for the U. N. recognized government which has the support of Turkey and Qatar they're holding all forces led by a rebel general anti theft charge who has the backing of Egypt the UAE from Russia. while the battle for Tripoli is raging there's a moment of opportunity for groups including the Islamic state according to Livy is interior minister fatty but Shaka this is very good the Charles for applied for book ahead for dies for organized crime now in Libya it is very good on vitamins a new issue is this house they can grow now and it is it under come move he told us his government will keep trying to capture all yes militants and will continue security cooperation with Britain and the US but it must focus on defending Tripoli that was all together and now he's one of classical music's most famous can poses and now no Castro work by the Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt has been discovered after lying largely forgotten in a German archive more than a hundred and sixty years the piece called a hundred years ago was performed only once in his lifetime in eighteen fifty nine and never published it will be given its UK premiere next month as all's correspondent Rebecca Jones has been finding out. having lane silent for decades. it's finally brought back to life. one hundred years ago was a musical.

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