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Now, you know, I I go to you know, I do funerals. I'm a minister. I do ferrules and I've been with mothers just lost their children. I've been with children that's lost their parents join the military. I mean, you know, I've done every kind of piano you can imagine and and you're they're not to just walk in and say a few cute little words and walk out you're there to be the people because everybody has a story to tell you everybody wants to talk to you everybody everybody love this person and that person of course is their money, you know, so mediumship isn't just about the circle. It's about the healing of the mind. That's that's that's that's really a sweet girl. I think about it. Yeah, I like that. Yeah, you know when I get an impression on something, where do you think I'm good that you think my mind is dead. Ended up. I'm not smart enough to do that or gal and I'm not smart enough to do it. You know that the spirit gives me information. It's a way of life. It's not that I wake up this morning. I'm going to do a reading off wake up this morning and it's my way of life. It's who I am. It's Incorporated. If you ask me what I think the weather is going to be in ten days, you know, I might give you some answer, you know, I might tell you how would I was getting a reading? Gotcha. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Well, I think I think I'm out of my questions. But if there's an is there anything else you'd want to share about seances and then I'll give you a chance, of course to talk about, you know, your your church and and all the the services you offer, you know, we can let the our listeners know but anything else on on stances that we should to remind me to take my medicine birth. There you go the answers. I believe are designed to be a beautiful thing. I don't believe that they're designed to scare you. I don't believe that they're designed to be creepy. My sansa's are designed to bring you information that at this time might seem like a miracle to you. But a miracle is only something I can do that you're not doing yet. That's it. That's what a.

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