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They're less likely to get preventive care they are more likely to defer health care they need and ultimately they are more likely to die my peace explains why an estimate that thousands will die uh as a consequence of this bill is actually a very conservative estimate larry summers being fair and balanced in his has been former treasury secretary in now very confident professor at some ivy league school that we call can't get into joining us now is senator bill cassidy who's worked hard to the eddie birger this bill it will play a role in the overall construction of the bill has emerged with the house sarah cassidy you you know you're smart guy you're on the inside making uh this legislation is larry summers ripe people die will die because of this blaring calmer luke code totally wrong it's hard to know where to begin your a doctor well that your book the leninger onda jonathan gruber the tow architect of obama care after obama care started the individual mandate kickin he wrote a paper for the national bureau of economic recharge and then was published as well in new england new england journal of medicine they found the individual mandate had no significant effect upon pain enrollment in obamacare now think about here's the guy wrote the bill we that's a retold and he's finding that it doesn't have an affect now i can go on beyond that but that the most important thing what i would point out the midsummer's is that is that seventy eight percent of the people paying the penalty under the mandate have an income of fifty thousand dollars or less and so easy for the elite to say we're going to stick it to the little guy on something that doesn't work but i think is incredibly unfair to us that to the rest of us who we have obama care foisted upon us to make paper something brian it doesn't work yeah so what you do in is on the very least on your version you guys get rid of the mandate so allow people to make a decision they got to have insurance or not have insurance especially with these exchanges jacking up the price of these insurance options as well as the deductibles which it all oil prices go purposes make.

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