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But then she's like, but if I use the veto you'll go up so I won't use the veto. We just need another vote. We need to get DNA DNA is the key. We need deny. Then I can stay. And so that's that's what they're feeling taymor is going to leave. Eventually it's going to be Natalie and Lolo and. And that is where we really need is for you to win the veto Lolo, and you can use it on me. And then taymor will go on the block when we vote tomorrow. They are skimming Tae mar are scanning her because they like their other. She's saying, well, you know, if you win the veto, you're not gonna use it. Right. I wouldn't use it. I wouldn't use it. Because then you'd go up she asks Natalie or sorry, Lois. Yeah. Slow are would you use the veto if you want it, and she's like, probably not? Yeah. Definitely leading yourself out because she knows that if she wins the she's going to use it and taymor is going to be boost. And just so we know if it goes on the block, like there's no way, I still don't think there's any anybody. The only thing I want to tell you guys is that tame our once Natalie gun, if it's Natalie and Ricky on the block, they don't even need Tom tiebreaker vote, they can send Natalie home because are wants to as far as I saw my conversation with candy. She wants to I'm assuming she telling her the truth. She's once Natalie over Ricky, so I'm not sure if that's going to hold to be in here. But I think it's probably pretty likely. Yeah. There's still a lot left up in the air. Because t- Mars said she wanted to league on when she was with candy. She says all sorts of diff. Things to to design angry cult. So it's it's hard to it's hard to today. It's hard to know where she'll land there and on top of that you've got the veto situation. And again, I feel personally like palms best case is if Lolo wins the veto uses Natalie taymor goes up, and then we'd have that to to split that I talked about taymor realizes that these women are are against her. They're trying to keep Ricky. He can vote to save her. He gets Ricky out. He leaves the two women in the house, and it's kind of like those two women versus the other two women, and he's maybe a little bit out of the spotlight just slightly. Andy got Ricky the person wants him at the most..

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