Prime Minister, Ireland, Vincent discussed on FT News - Irish PM Leo Varadkar unveils s new cabinet


The financial times of london i'm john murray brown and his team news violent has a new prime minister an openly gay son of an indian immigrant father leo for radka the 38yearold leader of the rightofcentre fina gail party is creating a lot of interest at home and internationally this week he named his cabinet with some surprises with me to discuss what this all means for ireland is the ft stubborn correspondent vincent and vincent firstly how much of a change dismissed could really represent he represented generational change gone more than a policy change as you hit thirty eight your door create the youngest prime minister in the republic treat young keep and i think he can only be different at well who he is very much part of a new generation of politician that have come to the fore in tied in a gale which at the centreright party that is in the minority government here and he is surrounded by a young allies from whom he has appointed to the cabinet but i think that it's primarily a generational and stylistic change because it would be very difficult to change anything more substantial in terms of policy because you know because ireland is pretty sort of fixed in terms of policy because it's in the eurozone because of brexit and a whole range of things that are happening but i think that i'm internally it he is part of a sort of younger more liberal more diverse more progressive country that has emerged over the last twenty years are tool when he entered parliament he was something of a a rightwinger sometimes described as a thatcherites is that some still a sad characterization of his outlook as amounting felt fit in in the parliament yesterday i have my my fault i think he is not the young kind of rightwing voguish ideologue that he was in his younger days party because he had some real world experience as minister for social welfare has minutes for health you know to very high spending departments of an irish government so he has toned that down a bit but he still is in economic terms he is pretty much he's in favor of tighter.

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