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On TLP CBS News brief On this vote the yeas are 222 and the nays are 208 The resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table House lawmakers have voted to hold mark Meadows in contempt of Congress The former Trump chief of staff has refused to comply with a special panel's investigation into the January 6th attack on the capitol An hour later another house vote on the debt ceiling raising the federal borrowing limit political consultant Leonard steinhorn With both the House of Senate voting arrays the nation's debt ceiling we once again stepped back from the precipice of a financial crisis and what would have been our nation's first ever default on our debt And Kentucky governor Andy beshear is now giving details on those killed by tornadoes in his state It rains us now from two months to 98 years of the kentuckians that we have lost More than a hundred people are still missing CBS News brief I'm Monica rix Wednesday morning December 15th two 48 in the morning on WWE to rich hunter in the double DLP traffic zone Hi good morning dean I will start you off in for Jean looks like 66 westbound traffic still getting by single thoughts left for now as you go over top of the belly and to a point before not least straight beyond that mixed works on is westbound just west of the fairfax county Parkway that blocked the single right lane and between 28 and 29 and center V two left lanes pass the work zone 66 east plan you may see the mobile crew out near the fairfax county park where they were working along the right side They're supposed to continue toward the Galway They had stopped at the fairfax county Parkway in the right lane for a few minutes So maybe they're moving on just be aware that they were out there and then on eastbound 66 the ramp to the innovative that way that was closed as part of the work on the ballet and it looped the ball by approaching 66 still down to a single lap lane and no access to Easter west 66 Those off ramps are closed add a loop of the ballet approaching 66 only a single right lane blocked in the through lanes On the ramp to go west on 66 or down to a single lap lane and keep in mind as you come off the outer loop you have to merge directly in the through traffic as a result of the works on so B take it easy there if you can and be safe Over in the Shenandoah valley 81 northam near the interchange for I 66 all traffic has been stopped for the last couple of hours as a result of an overturned tractor trailer Heavy duty records on scene that thinking another 30 minutes 30 to 45 minutes before they have that stretch of 81 reopened but they're also working to crash northbound at exit two 98 and they're all traffic was stopped as well A tow trucks have arrived on scene They're thinking about another 30 minutes before they get that reopened as well That actually occurred in the backup for the tractor trailer crash at exit.

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