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It's the twenty nine thousand nine Oscars issue when we had both the screenwriting winners along with plenty of other non Oscar content as well. So I hope you check that out in our Oscar issue, you could read our Oscar lessons section which has great interviews with seven out of ten Oscar nominee. Good screenwriters that include the writers of a star is born black klansman the favorite I reformed. Green book if Beale street could talk and vice in each of these articles, not only do we talk about certain scenes that you could read excerpts of you could also read the entire screenplay as well. Plus, our Oscar issue features an interview with actor Willem Dafoe, and even Oscar-nominated editor Hank Corwin who chats about editing. Vice other great articles in issued thirty six include our blacklist profile of the script Escher by Jason Kessler. And not only do we interview Jason. But you could read his entire blacklist script as well. Oscar winner Terrell Alvin mccranie of moonlight chats about his new Steven Soderbergh directed Netflix movie, high flying bird we interviewed Steve Lightfoot about the latest season of punisher we interviewed the writers of comedy central's corporate and director, David Slade talks about Netflixing groundbreaking. Choose your own adventure black mirror Bander snatch. We also did a funky cool peace with writer Eric Heiser yet. He's the writer of a rival and. He wrote a TV pilot called kingmaker, which was unfortunately, never made. But Eric still loves it and wishes it was a TV show and hopes one day, it still might be was cool enough to share the entire script with us for your reading pleasure issue. Thirty six also features Sundance stories and so much more. And while this hasn't been announced we are going to chat with the writer directors of captain marvel and yes in the coming weeks, we'll even be sliding in an interview with the director of Shas AM. And that's the fun thing about digital publishing kids. We could keep adding things to the magazine. Even after we've published it because we are dedicated to bringing you the best possible content. We can so look it would really mean a lot for me to have my podcast. Listener's support my passion project over at backstory dot net. So I hope you go test drive us by reading the free issue and consider subscribing. But now, let's come back into my chat with Pat and Adam about their passion project, which you could rent or buy an itunes on demand and other places online, and I hope you do because it's a great documentary, and we're going to keep talking about it right now. In relapse. I mean, it was really tough. Because unfortunately, as you talked about full circle for a relapse patient and your movie, we honestly get to see one. Unfortunately, so Connor who were following. And we're seeing him us. We're seeing him, you know, try and be recruited by Frank. He finally is taken to a facility. It's a facility that Frank says is good facility. I'm guessing facility that Frank was working for which is step one of the process, and then in step two of the process where he got out of the first detox facility, and he's going for it was the hospitalization the impatient. Or was the transition? It's a sober living home. Okay. The silver living home, even though he was doing well there for four months, they just decided they weren't making enough money, and they they kicked him out..

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