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Labor Day a celebration of the American workforce so and have a heck of a time broadcasting from Arbor city studios in Los Angeles it's Jason McIntyre and rob Parker. welcome back ladies and gentlemen our number two here on the Dan Patrick show I'm Jason McIntyre he is rob Parker for chopping it up on a Labor Day Monday for Dan and the Dan at. Parker getting hammered on social media what a guy named Larry let is facing here's a live look at rob Parker watching a game winning shot if this works it just just sipping their beer while the rest of the bar goes crazy I don't understand people understand what when people are journalist lass we don't do that I stained wretches that said you guys are we are we don't do that I've been and I've I've been at big games big moments and sat silent impress boxes are you kidding like stone faced. the crowd's going crazy I and that's not a multi ethnic raise that's not in my DNA to be stone faced in just you know like in a poker game yes Sir. but yeah I mean come on. easy stuff happening Aaron Rodgers throws a hail Mary it to do to beat the aqua I think was a cardinals landings beat of several teams of hail Marys. I'm freaking out on the. crazy I'm just having fun Livin life living the dream baby get excited rob right so this will get you excited. okay as I said the first hour I'm I'm I'm basically fox's residue gambling guy doing videos I put out my. over unders in a bet for fox on Twitter Instagram you tube all that fun stuff and a lot of people were surprised that I picked the jets plus seven hundred. to win the AFC east and I realized the patriots have won the AFC east ten years in a row and I realize the patriots won the AFC east sixteen of eighteen years I get all that. my bet is not totally against the patriots I just love what the New York Jets have done in the off season you could argue they are the greatest off season in the NFL rob. okay they add levy on bell yes I realize he hasn't played a football game in six hundred days yeah but he he will are the top three running back in the NFL and hearing it and he will make Sam Donald better do no doubt about it with a weapon like that that he Hey you have to respect the run game and be he can catch the ball on the back no doubt that's going to open up everything for Sam Donald you could have argued last year that the jet skill position players were among the worst in the NFL but the additional levy on bell and then they added Jamison Crowder in the slot if you play fantasy football you know Jamison Crowder casual fan may not know very good numbers with Kirk cousins and the red skins one of the better slot receivers in the league is underrated if you look historically at jets coach Adam gase he loves the slot receiver okay go back to Denver with Peyton manning go to Miami last year and look what you keen grant and Danny Amendola did they put up numbers I drafted rob I know you don't play fantasy football I drafted Jamison Crowder in like two or three my leaks he's going to put up numbers Donald did not have a slight guy then you have Robbie Anderson is the deep threat who are like a lot Robbie enters it is dangerous that's a dead dead duty skinny as all heck but he can catch I went I went on Colin cowherd radio show and said the jets have the best skill position players in the AFC east and of course patriots and drop we got Josh Gordon and now. they lost one cal ski I so it's Adleman Sony Machel and Josh Gordon okay well I like with the jets have done they got better on the offense of line picked up the kids Semily from the raiders they got a new center Khalil and the defense of course are drafted Quinton Williams out of Alabama I mean go watch tape of him against LSU George any of these teams orderly dominant I'm telling you the jets plus seven hundred is a smart bet to win the a Sahm with you on the jets I know he will. I expect I am with you on the jets I just think and I and I know the patriots for a long time of feasted on the a FC lease there were those few years with the jets actually were better than them and and and advance in a playoff past them wiped up the rex Ryan years yeah back to back back to back years but other than that they've had their way what have you watched I'm I'm serious I know people try to. fudge Tom Brady's numbers last year and say you still as good as he ever was I just don't believe that to be the case and if you look at his numbers and the second half of the year they weren't that good they really work and even when they won the Superbowl they couldn't even forage and give Tom Brady did and be PS the Superbowl you know why because he was that bad J. soon. he had no touchdowns. affordable a pig. two hundred and what sixty yards and they have the big pastor wrong but I'm just saying what what what what have you but but if that was the case could you should've been MVP but they give it to all and I think of you if I remember correctly they gave the a B. Peter Adleman right now Dylan and Adam and eve have a touchdown my correct didn't what wouldn't it I think the only touchdown Sony Michelia think about this you're a wide receiver and you win the MVP without getting a touchdown in the game that's how bad Brady walls he's all level forty two year old quarterback I think people really if you were a member of the Pittsburgh game last year your memory was trying to throw the ball out of bounds. right on the sideline to sideline because trying to get any couldn't get it out it was intercepted so a a I am saying is I think people so we've got the everybody's pickin them the repeat repeat as champ the Brady's going to what is seven it's all hog wash it's all balderdash it's just lazy analysis people pick the patriots every year do you know to pages one ten years without winning the Superbowl do you know that Tom when I'm when they get to it no but did they they went ten years without winning I'm talking about winning several franchises of gone twenty without god and put on me people make it like they won every year they didn't win every year ten years is a long time I got a number they had it not been for a couple of bad coaching jobs but other teams that play probably still wouldn't have one yeah I know rob people or you know blasting their radio and yelling at it right now when you talk about Tom Brady but again as I talked about all my my gambling podcast for fox there is evidence Tom Brady has regressed and football outsiders has two numbers for you okay Tom Brady's average passed last year traveled seven point six yards that's twenty fourth in the NFL only deal not checked on Charlie don't say what they think and dog but it's a lot more than lots of soul you Michelle I do I look the ball is sorely missed only one zero twenty your Tom Brady's average completion last year travel five point six yards twenty third in the NFL so he's not killing you deep down field now you could argue well Josh Gordon was gone for half the season they didn't have a deep threat and then you there's ample evidence that when he needs to deliver as he did against chiefs in overtime I mean to Gronkowski repeatedly over the meadows like you also you also to a game losing interception and if it wasn't for for job being offsides they want a lost a game in the narrative would be totally different it would. it was that close to the narrative of Tom Brady I'm just saying in that game and that's what I call a low the look is of all time things have just gone his way Jason is justified so okay the four day and this is the problem when robin I we've done a bunch of stuff to summer right we did odd couple I think we've done this show we've done undisputed and I want to be on a site and then he just search keeps going in on Brady of late night let's put the brakes. well not right is a lucky stop I know what you don't want them to be able to see one no but I don't know how many joules has he was just excellent can you get lucky winning six super can I just make my case and then I'll be quiet okay when they beat Carolina kicker kicks the ball out of bounds you get the ball at the forty dollar at the forty right Tom Brady more let it down to have a good feel go okay I'm just said is one are there playing arm Seattle. how about that no let's start with the very first one that Tom Brady won I don't think you can bring up to Seattle and not at all let me let me let me go to very first one. the tuck rule Tom Brady coughed up the football they gave it back to Tom Brady if you go to a year how many touchdowns the Tom Brady throw postseason and Super Bowl do you know that you had a bit of the year they won the first of all. fourteen not to them on the playoff goal of the playoffs and so to me. one and a talk rule they gave Brady and approaches the ball of greater should a won that game rob G. can't sleep to this day over that everybody knows they got jobs okay did I just gave you to Caroline who'd ball kicked out of bounds did I gave you of Seattle what the one you are a lot I can do I got the best running back in the league and they go away and tried to walk past in a crowded and soul which only can be deferred deflected intercepted it's a dumb play and then. Atlanta chokes down a twenty eight to three lead don't forget this. letters at the of first intended to twenty two after Julio Jones makes a great catch to remember that. third down play made like bond to for you and forgot to pick up the blitz okay so so they went to twenty two J. sin in field goal range at the twenty two they could run the ball three straight jobs kick a field goal they off by a loud what was it high tower. the linebacker was just somebody yeah but I'm just saying that that's just dumb football the one thing you don't want to do is what you don't want to pass the ball because you don't want to you don't want to incomplete pass to stop the clock you don't want a holding penalty you don't want to sack and that's exactly what they got they got knocked out of fuel gold okay but time out title of so young and I so you know he's not a great player. that's not what I'm saying I'm saying that things have gone is way to Ford all sides he threw a game losing panic so let's go back to Seattle Superbowl just a quick memory John says Seattle's up.

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