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With ways. Lawn my all just happened. In this time I turned into a squirrel. That's the thing I do 'cause that sounds like a man and I just picture because it's an audio only ask for some people. Have you hear that noise? A magic became a frog. Wow that's riveting riveting if I say so myself your face own stand do but I think nicest part about. You don't understand too because here's the thing that was going to say. Let's let's clarify some things because before I go into my science stuff about electric vehicles. I looked in a little bit to Tesla. Just wanted to make sure I knew some groundwork facts and these are some things I found out so tesla was actually created by two different people. Elon Musk was not part of this. Was Martin Eberhard and mark carpeting. Where the gay. They're fake does sound like fake names market number number. Dr Bernard there was a third person who was added and then Ilan. Musk came on as a venture capitalist. Oh Lord Oh he basically like in my mind I was like Oh Elon. Musk created and founded tesla and then they actually so allow. Musk in those first five people. Even though the three joined later they signed a deal allowed. Elon Musk and those other. To call themselves founders. So even though he wasn't technically a founder he wanted and I'm not blaming this on him because maybe those other people wanted that as well because he gave money he wanted to be able to be like. I'm a CO founder. Grimes knows all this ranking. Grimes isn't finding out. She's raising things. I also didn't know in January of this year. Tesla became the most valuable American automaker to ever exist. Yeah I we I mean I didn't. I knew that we didn't talk about it in that context but I knew it was the switches. Most profitable limit is not awful. Sorry valued world. It's the second most valuable bag next to next Toyota. So it just Powell and in the end of January of this year. So that's why I was confused because I'm like how are they never profitable? I guess there's stuff like how much research and development they have to do. And how because they don't have retailers like you can't go to like a car what you say shop. Where do you get a car? I'm so surprised. Yeah exactly 'cause they're like toge- so that so they have to spend so much on promotion and getting like their hope is obviously long-term once they get market saturation than the money starts rolling in but I think they every silk every Silicon Valley Story. But that story happens to me. I hear it all the time and I'm just like all these dudes walking around being like okay. Well well just your way. Oh it is. It's like it's wild. It's like if you're so. They made eighty six point. Five billion dollars in America. And I'm like if you can't be prompt that's crazy but I guess the whole point is they are having to do so much legwork to make the technology and to get the resources to do it and to put into marketing into all those kind of things so I don't understand business but there is a point where like you're making one hundred billion dollars and they think that the best crib for a on flux twelve number exactly I do think his crib is just going to be one of the cars going to have no railings. And it's just going to be like it's GonNa look like a doctor's chair and he's going to elevate about it or she or they also just like I'm not going to bail on the podcast. I just have to tech someone because I have an appointment only God to send a message while you helped me very digital appointment that I needed to know I do think that I do. Think that Tesla being the second like market market capitalization at the second most profitable or not profitable. Soy Valuable car company to meet was so surprising. Yeah every other company has also existed for like seven years ago. There's there's there hunter everywhere but I haven't seen as you know. Maybe I honestly don't know they're all over like la but like being in Toronto. Where are they? I don't know so those were only a couple of facts about Tesla but I wanted to talk a little bit about whether or not. Tesla is actually sustainable. Okay cool because this video we've been trying to think about making. Yeah until it's for this for my facts here. I've leaned heavily into an awesome channel on youtube called are changing climate. Like my favorite. So they cover all sorts of topics definitely check them out. I love it. It's mostly voice over with just like stock images that like essay. Hello so just some faxing. Spit out to kind of analyze whether or not. Tesla's are actually sustainable. So the impact of Tesla is sixty eight percent more emissions. What am I talking about the sorry? This is about the extraction process. We're talking about so. The Tesla gets on a roll. But there's a lot that happens before that so getting them it's resources it's actually worse for the environment in that process is sixty eight percent. Yes so because it's so energy intensive. They're trying to find rail rare metals. I think what they do. Is they dig giant holes. Like there's a mine in China where they're digging for these rare metals and they dumped toxic chemicals on it just again for the battery. Yeah so when they do that. For example only zero point two percent of what comes out of the ground is used but they basically destroying parts of the land right so it's a hugely problematic process. This is for the battery. This is this is for materials that are used mostly in the battery but get used in the cars. Well if I wrote here where they're you wonder. If there's any emeralds used them hello call your down from them. Roll Mine. Did you know his dad? Also kind tell you one thing just. His Dad had a baby with his stepdaughter who he knew the stepdaughter. Since she was four and that just isn't he also disenfranchise from his family? I was going to say he doesn't like he does not like but there's there's older fresno so sorry I was just trying to. That's where I'm feeling kind of scattered because I have to tax basically. Yeah those materials. Those rare metals are used in the battery headlights and onboard electronics. So crazy cool screen. Yeah and so yeah. It's basically that extraction process is extremely dirty and his knock green basically in any way it's producing sixty eight percent more emissions than an actual actual than a typical car would but also use gas and coal powered equipment for extraction so on top of destroying the environment and releasing emissions your. They're not using like electric materials to or like solar power materials to get these materials either. Because yes you have like huge factory pits and stuff not factory pits but open pits using Colin gas and burning the whole time but ultimately once the car is on the road. Obviously it's way born greeting even though it depends on where you are because you might be using energy anyway if you're plugging into a circuit that's not using. Renewable energy is using gasoline goal. Seeing a lot of them all over Los Angeles and California and learning about California's grit system. It's really it's quite green California's one of the best places you'd be having a Tesla and actually feeling like okay. I'm not I'm not using as many emissions into Ontario is extremely green to a lot of wind like energy so it is interesting to think about the two places we've sort of spent time recently. It wouldn't be SMART AVATARS. La If you've got a foreigner and you could feel sort of pat on the back okay. It's it is and ultimately they found that after eighteen months on the road and electric car actually compensates for all those things that it did when it's with tobacco that it becomes more green from that which is eighteen months non very long and neither are going to have a car for ten fifteen twenty years. That is going to be a lot better but it's still enough time to allow you to be like okay. It's not this magical thing. Yeah and here's still impacting. The environment like our phones and I like they're trying to find these rare metals that are needed in places there can exploit or destroy or whatever sack to what I was saying about the concept of maybe not owning a car. Like how do we culturally shifted so that we use public transport ridesharing apps like what do we that's ultimately what this videos discussion about? So a gas powered car has two times emissions over. Its lifetime but ultimately it's like you know one of the things that Tesla's many electric companies but tesla tries to recycle most of his batteries about seventy percent of its batteries get recycled which means I don't need to go mining from war and they're not making a new car. Ms Being reused. So there's you know what I mean like there's elements of even once they get it they can reuse it again later so many people are buying it has lime probably also have like Harari and also. Have you know what I mean? Yeah if you already have a vehicle. It's actually probably not better to get a new car unless you need right so ultimately should you get an electric vehicle if you're in the market for a car right now awesome and you can afford it. That's great but if you have a car that's not that old and you could still. You're not doing a service by creating a bigger demand for these things. There's still an impact on the climate on the environment from this. So don't just think it's a fix all if anything we should be it might minimize individual emissions but those are actually not often the biggest part of our problem right like we have to fight for legislation that will regulate companies and regulate countries and help to make us all actually oil companies early on tried to create those campaigns of like. What can you yourself to be more green to try and get the sort of like energy and momentum off their backs should always remember. It's like obviously do your best individually but it's really action together against corporations and getting politicians to lobby behind you so I think we can have a couple of extra minutes here to talk about some some more thoughts about Yulon after we've gone through these studies. Well that certainly didn't help so I do think again going back to my initial stance two years ago. Even I still think it's a noble cause like excluding him for example for car companies and brand new car companies like ten. I shouldn't say brand new car. Companies that focus exclusively on electric vehicles. I think that's a noble cause. I do think it's a good thing and I'm excited that culturally. We seem to be shifting toward that being the future but we also need to talk about on because that is the name of this podcast. It's Elon. Musk you know update or whatever and I actually am still. I feel a little bit like okay I. This is what I was worried about like. What I'm I'm a man with these with this history with Megalomania vibe just like again trying to swoop in and save the world and in fact the every way that he's acted I've felt in the past has made me skeptical of them that I can't believe we're sitting here and he's like saying that crown of cases are going to be zero by the end of April with his platform. I'm just frustrated because I don't want to be told you so but it's like frustrating to me when it's like it's like it's like.

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