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New York City safe. And again, folks, on the Patreon newsmaker line, New York City councilman Joe barely, Joe. We also understand some of the schools in that area around the subway line were put on lockdown. I have to imagine that was out of just as a precaution, but still you've got an armed gunman on the loose somewhere in Brooklyn, New York right now. And we hope that's not the case. I'm trying to, as we talk over the phone, I'm trying to listen to what the governor was. Well, as a matter of fact, Joe, if you'll hang with us for just a second, let's go ahead and bring in that audio. Maybe we can listen along and Joe will get you to weigh in here. Let's listen live to our coverage from our news partners over at newsmax TV. That's what we crave. It sense of stability and normalcy. And this is what the mayor and I are going to continue to work toward. And I thank the partners. The brave people, the MTA, the first ones who had the sense to drivers of the train to leave the station to make sure no more victims could be heard. The NYPD. Watch. Stay police. Everyone involved in this has one purpose. And there's a stop the insanity of these fries. You'll hear now from our department, I want to thank them for being there to help us if you use a volatile situation. All right, let me dip in here. And we'll hear from the fire department, but Joe, they're telling us the updated numbers now 16 people injured and now we're being told there were no active devices discovered on the scene. That's an interesting use of the word. No active devices. Maybe let's dump that go back in now. We've got the fire department speaking, let's see if they can help us out. And that is what I'm going to continue to do is the governor of the state of New York working with our local partners right here. Thank you. Governor. Good afternoon. This morning the E and Y received reports of gunshot victims in the subway. Thanks to their quick response, we were able to treat 16 patients. Ten of those patients were suffering from gunshot wounds at this time and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition in our local hospitals. Yes, we have 16 total patients. Ten of them are suffering from gunshot wounds and 5 of them are in critical but stable conditions at this time. I'm going to pass it over to the MTA for an update on our subway. Okay, let's jump back in here and Joe the latest headlines now 16 patients ten of those were shot and taken to the hospital. That's about all we know right now. That's all we know in addition, we do know that the suspect is confirmed as still on the loose meeting he is not in custody. So I think we should make clear that the decision to lock down the neighborhood schools was certainly made in the right vein and probably is a precaution that still should exist. But yeah, I mean, 16 people in a mass shooting situation is no joke. And I imagine the people that weren't shot might have been injured by just the sheer momentum of people fleeing a very tight and controlled space in addition to smoking elation. And pointed out that there was no devices still there, but that certainly confirms that some sort of device, some explosive device caused all the smoke that happened. Absolutely. And the video that we have obtained from the scene, a photo you can see that on our website Todd starns dot com certainly seems to indicate, as you said, some sort of a smoke device had in fact been activated. All right, Joe, we've.

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