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Hey. Everybody gets the after show Kiki Palmer. The show is turned up with the Taylor's new episodes. Every Monday on facebook watch engines L. Bryant is off and her new single is snack in now and of course, you can see Giselle every week on the house rise of Potomac. Kiki, were you what was your reaction to GM three getting canceled? Expected because here's the thing WANNA pandemic hat. That's what we were all. That's what became all on our mind was the Panjang. Crowing. Kobe I'm so I kinda knew that if I showed did come back, it would have to be much much much later because our show is really about an audience when you think about it, we that's what we do. We do a little bit of news, but it's entertainment news is really fun conversations, Iheart. So the time different time now, some conversation, this change and I think just kind of pushed as as chaos. I expected. Giselle Eric, Gee, said candidates referred to your new home is nine hundred thousand dollar cabin. How would you describe Candice's current home? My nine hundred. Cabin. where she lives. About. Block Baucus with my money. Not Funny. Giselle. Wants. Know your thoughts on the friendship between cherise and Monique, is it genuine or not Jack? It was anyway, but now it's over so. They were really France. Kiki Camille, Y, what said your rendition of zero to hero on the Disney family sing-along was amazing. If asked, you have any interest in being in the live action version of her Hercules. Absolutely. Classic in. Disney for years. So yeah. Happy Down with us, on vocals. Giselle Christian. G Snow is upset about your white refrigerator anything to say to him. I love my wife refrigerator because it goes with my wife's kitchen. I. Didn't do stainless because I had kids barking up all day long I. didn't feel like that. So it's why I like it. All right. Kiki Abby said, please spill the T on what you tweeted to. CIZA, about you catching your with another man was this X. someone famous. I don't even know what to say I. I, I don't want put no body out a nothing. So I wanted to say was that Ted. I've been there before, and that's all I. If I give any influences too much I can't. I'm sorry you the info you gave on twitter was kind of amazing. You said that time I, caught my ex effing. My homegirl from the back at a House party that was says and then I said, Oh, you said been there except it was a man love negatives Louis. Oh. My Gosh. Okay. Hey, Giselle before i. let you guys go tell me one thing or how would you describe this season of Potomac? Giselle. Our best yet. Is Truly. Entertaining and I think that the fans were really understand what we are individuals this. By the way. I agree with everything that you said the evolution of Potomac and how we've seen in in fall in love with Y'all story, the way that even this, this season opened up, I was just like feeling as a fan that I was Gonna get everything I've been waiting for at definitely feel like we in for ride, and by the way Giselle, have you all been in touch on a group chatter anything since the black lives matter movement has has heated up so much in the last few months or you guys working together or in touch we work together in groups. You know we can't all be together still got some on salt. Issues. But it's nice to know that I can call on. You know obviously robbing Kansas Ashley in really have. Really like him, if I need anything and we are all in the same boat with regards to black lives matter. I. Mean we're all black women trying to just grass and it's GonNa. Be Interesting because not everyone feels the same about this movement. So it's GONNA be. All, right. Well, I, WanNa, thank Kiki and Giselle. and. Everybody checkout.

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