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So. That's Groucho Marx of course from one of my. Favorite comedies of all time horse feathers let me change the, subject to a, survey? That just got released by Bank rate this week. The number one reason, Americans are, losing sleep are you. Losing sleep at sixty nine percent, of Americans say they occasionally lose sleep to something they're worried about is that, you ju seven out of, ten Americans are lying awake, staring at the ceiling out of. Fears out of worries the number one reason no it's not money you thought it was why else would I talk about it no that's number two the number one reason forty-one percent say their. Relationships the number two reason thirty six percent of Americans is money money and relationships right. It all goes hand in. Hand, is my wife Jean loves to. Say personal finances more personal than finance so between the, two of them I'm. Willing, to bet that some of. Those relationships, challenges are, related, to money not say saving enough Not spending enough too much, burden and workload of dealing with the finances the other ones too cavalier not, all engaged or involved Yeah and some of the you. Know this transferring into some very real serious stuff according to one set, of statistics that just came out based on census bureau data Americans sixty. Five and older are filing, for bankruptcy in record numbers Yes he can't say. Wait a minute yeah they're they're funding. More bankruptcies than they were in one. Thousand nine hundred one which is what the data tells us ten. Times more than in nineteen Ninety-one it's not because they're more of them who are alive. They were seventeen percent of the population now they're nineteen, percent of the. Population so there's pretty much the same number of on a percentage basis but. The reason is because there's been a shift in responsibility for caring for. Older people employers and government, wants did it through pensions and..

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