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Like Sean Payton, Charlie weis, Dan, Henning off its coordinators at I've had in my in when I play they were able to move me around and certain situations that made people uncomfortable. Like, I remember when we played against Dion Sanders and Dallas Cowboys when I was the New York Jets Dion was at the height fast much faster than me the whole deal. But what Dion was uncomfortable doing was playing inside? So we did is we basically for made in me to the slot. The entire game. It made him have to go inside where he was uncomfortable. Now I had the entire field to to play with and he was out of his comfort zone. So things like that. You'll see Sean Payton try to take advantage of in ways. Phillips trying to stop. Yeah. It's going to be a fascinating thing. So so to answer your regional question. Travis I'm picking the Rams, but I think I'm picking with my heart more than my. The reason. I'm picking the ramps is I think shelving maintains that defensive linemen they lost a big deal for them. I think that's a big blow to the saints. And I also think that having a keep to leave makes at least another weapon you can use against Michael Thomas. But I don't I think Michael Thomas is going to get his. I mean, I just think he's that good. He is. So so it's I think it's going to be a close game. I can't wait to watch it. I'm going to pick the Rams, but but homefield against the saints in the dome if if they pull it off it'll be shown McVeigh's biggest win as a coach. It'll be obviously the biggest win for the Rams since they won the Super Bowl and Saint Louis, it's a huge huge chore, but I'm going to I'm going to pick with my heart and pick the ram Michael Thomas, gut after Marcus Peters in the first game. He was hot afterwards. And we know what he said about Sean Payton, we'll get a bowl of Gumbo. Next time. I've got something for him. He's kind of backing off on it a little bit want you to listen to this John. Here's Marcus Peters. Gumbo thing. John McVay just hollered about soup, but Marcus does it make it more fun to kind of have, you know, fantastic that back and forth. My coaches, a fiery coach, I'm a fiery player, we have fun with these things internally. We're gonna try to lead you ought to be the media. So y'all do gonna do with it by saving. I got the most respect for the science and a head coach. Organization of things like that. Now, we ready to play just as much they're gonna be ready to play China play a game China talk about no Gumbo. All that stuff afterwards. Just playing nice at this point that he's still hot. Or is he trying to walk that back? I both. And I he took down the tweet because somebody asked him to you know. Key. You are really confident player, and you would say things what really whatever you wanted to still do. Yeah. Marcus peters. Probably had tried to do that. He feels on his confidence. And I think somebody probably asked him. Hey, man. Let's not make this about Gumbo. Let's make it about the game. And he team player. He took it down. I had zero problem with the tweet. I kind of wish you would have left it up Kia was one of the first people that bought your book. Gimme the damn ball. Guys should buy another copy. I'd be I'd be happy to if you still get residual. Yes. The I like guys who kind of put it out there and talk, but Travis I understand why did it which is why I'm saying it's a little of both. I think he was probably asked. Hey, man. Let's make this about we and not about me, and he was happy to do that. But let's face it, Sean Payton noticed something about that matchup in week nine and he wanted when Michael Thomas. When the game on that seventy yard touchdown pass, seventy two. They will wait key. They were waiting for that weren't they they were waiting for that match up to get him isolated one on one where they knew he didn't have help and Thomas torched them..

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