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Let's wrap this thing up. Let's leave the hustle and bustle for small town news also automotive related as comes from my neck of the woods but the Northeast Kingdom of Ron where a driver in early Sunday morning crash vandalized guess wide several lawns. On North Derby road beforehand police say a twenty year old man from Charleston which is a tiny tiny down crashes vehicle in Derby on Sunday morning he was the same driver who tore through and damaged several lawns in the area prior to the crash. Later, in the morning, police were notified the damage a multiple properties located. Oh, I'm sorry. I skipped ahead the way this out socks Trayvon Colbourne is facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident on unlawful mischief and negligent operation. Following the incident police say a single vehicle crash was reported on Darling Hill road no relation around two to thirteen. AM The driver of a two thousand fourteen Toyota. Tundra was not located at the crash scene when the cops got there, the truck was headed south on Darling Hill near the intersection of Shattuck. Hill would have failed to negotiate a corner at travel into the oncoming lane and off the road where several trees and damaged ATV slash Internet line. On a utility pole later in the morning, police were notified of the damage to multiple properties on the north. Derby road one of the victims told police that a truck was seen driving through a number of lawns at around two AM. At some small town shit it is. Police say that to other lawns in the neighborhood located on North Derby road and lakeview drive had significant damage further investigation revealed Trayvon Coburn was the operator of the crashed vehicle and was also identified as the culprit who purposely caused the damage to multiple properties that's from a statement from the Fremont State Police Coburn was issued a citation to.

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