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They usually do because he's beautiful. Kinda buys everyone's friendship rah. And i say like nobody likes philip but right because he's not like a bad person but he you know there is kind of that sad feeling that he might not even be there if he hadn't paid for the whole thing right and and he and falls have this who attention that ends up. Getting really a because. It's almost like nadia and philip should have been together like you know what i mean. They think that's like the unspoken thing is like and they did have a small relationship but it's like they're the golden couple. It just felt like none of them were in the right place in their lives in their relationship. They kept things bottled up that they needed to to face and this book does not give it to you. One of the things that i that's difficult but i also appreciate about this story. Is that very easily. The point of this whole story could be. Hey let's get everything out in the open. Let's settle everything that's all you either get along or go on our different ways and really none of that happens. No and i love that because that's life. Sometimes things do work itself out and people can mend their relationships but sometimes it just continues to be weird and awkward. I your life And i see that a lot with family and these guys are like family a little bit more than their lake. Bff right there are tribe. So there's something else that i wanted to talk about and we could have talked about it before the show but i decided to go ahead and do it in in the middle of it yeah And that is the the character of cat When i first started the story I wasn't really underst- first of all i wasn't really understanding the the reference to you know win. Whenever whenever cat's name was said it was just like a single line almost like it was a disembodied voice. Saying it which i think was intentional. But second i really couldn't peg who kept was To the point where. I thought that might be male and i was thinking. Oh well that's kinda cool you know this that and the other and then you know more stuff happens. I really started to think of cat as you know. Sh she her basically. And that's why. I continue to use these pronouns. But i actually wanted to talk to you and open this up. I don't know of cat was gendered in this book. i don't remember cat specifically being gendered there's reference to capping bisexual. Yes so so. I took this in. My mind is as cat as probably she but again. Because there's some of like a. I think honestly it's some of the way that cat interacts with nadia. That fell felt like a female tension. That actually brings me to my to my second to my separate part of this conversation. I thought it was sad. that the two of them ended up falling into that that assist systematic. Now no no of being at each other. No i disagree with i. I know exactly where you're going. And i have to honestly say i really strongly disagree with that. I don't first of all cat..

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