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With just complaining but it's been a hundred and fifty something years and where will be free but we do not feel like we have free several people at the Lawrenceville parade calling for Juneteenth become a national holiday crude gathering late last night indicator to chant and cheer as they watch a Confederate monument be removed with a crane last week at the cab county judge ordered the relocation of the thirty foot obelisk indicator square after the city claimed it had become a threat to public safety during recent protests also on this Juneteenth the portraits of four former house speakers who all served as Confederate leaders no longer on display at the US capitol two of them were from Georgia nearly a dozen Confederate statues remain in the capital it's up to state leaders to decide on removing them WSP news time ten thirty two breaking news first hand accurate at the top and bottom of every hour every day ninety five point five W. as we have a lot of news and talk I'm John Morgan of Morgan a Morgan when I was born I got lucky a gift if you will my early life was really hard for many reasons but at the time it really didn't seem all that hard I had a close relationship with my brothers and sister and loads of friends those days of desperation and poverty let me to my job today representing the people not the powerful but my job is really not a job because I never considered it work in many ways it's more like a public service now as I age I get to look back at all the cases and all the people and all the trials and the best part is when I get to see you all out about one operate before I sleep I thank god for the gift I received at birth the genuine love I have for people all people maybe that's why my work never seemed like work to me when I was born I got lucky I got to meet all of you Morgan Morgan for the people dot com downtown mall yourself Morgan Morgan Atlanta all cases are different no representation is made here about your specific rights say Baker host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield what kind of color selection do I get when I use rhino shield red blue and yellow that's it that is it unless if it's not your wife's favorite then we can match whatever color she wants us to any color any color under the specter and a total paint job would include my station my soffits gutters downspouts eaves overhangs corner boards columns.

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