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In some cases if the company or school said your hairstyle that was textured was not acceptable. May have the legal right to deny you employment or send you home from school and in learning that you know. Just not okay. Any who knows that says that's not okay right. It's not many people don't know so to combat that on behalf of dove you went out and spoke to legislative officials group called noble national organization of black elected officials who them had textured hair and many of them didn't know instead we could make this change and then a senator from california. Holly mitchell said you know what. I'm gonna take this on and champion this and we found that the crown coalition in in support of championing. What is now known as the crown at creating respectful open world for natural hair senator holly mitchell and team pauline crown forum the coalition to be in support of that partnership with the national urban league western center on law and poverty and color change and so now the crown act is In place in seven states last year had passed the federal house of House of representatives. So we're on our way to federal legislation. We've got work to do this year. But it is all out of beauty inclusivity that dub believes in and having the ability to lead that. And there's more to do we talk an awful lot about brands. Having a purpose we often fall down and activating it and measuring and this is a beautiful example of activation a beautiful example so ac. I want to move to the lightning round to close this out and the first question half for you. Is you danced and acted in college. What was your favorite role performance. Oh wow the colored museum with a shonda rhimes was my director. Actually you're kidding. No that's how. I sean sean there. From the reason we talked about it recently. So i was a wig and i was talking head with a wig and we talked and she directed me and it was. It was great literally just question. Wow i'm talking about this. November december like to hear a remember yes. She was buddha black underground theatre association. She's a director for buddha. And there's a colored museum. There was a three whigs. She is so freaking talented. just amazing. Well listen i wanna ask you about cody and unilever products and your beauty and wellness regimen. So what's your favorite products from those companies that are still in your regimen So unilever i would say my favorite right now is a new product. I just launched. Which is malay even tone corrector. Levitz new brand may lay is short for mellon skin. It's melanin skincare. And it's a serum and it I love it. I love it. So that's my. That's my favorite before that it was another face serum which was shame moisture Sarum the oil as serum which was incredible. Those are my two favorites than i have. Lots of unilever products that i use. But those are my. Ooh la ones in so From cody i would still say covergirl lash blast mascara in the only thought. I would say that my daughter we just talked about. I think she's using something now. I like exhibitionist. But it still that clean. Lash look so. You're a very highly awarded leader from so many different organizations. Women's wear daily at age e. t. ebony on and on what's been the most meaningful one. That is a really good question. Trying to think. I'm looking over at my trophy case to see really what means a lot to me is when i'm rewarded for impact In so i got an internal award at unilever for the crown act and it's got the compass award and i got that earlier this year And that was really meaningful. Have gotten a lot of awards. And i'm so grateful for that. Her legacy Awards are i got one from add color that was. I think it's called the legacy of war. So i appreciate those as well. The ones i really appreciated the one to show the impact. So i think most recently was this unilever compass award this out of our whole global unilever's a very global organization and big in india big in china so a lot of the impact programs come out of markets from lifebuoy and then to see the us the acknowledged for the impact. And i hate to say an internal war because i value external. But it's the one that i can point to. It really is about impact. The others tend to be more about leadership or lasting impact in the industry. Which i appreciate but so what. Are you most passionate about right now. I'd say wellness twenty twenty with kovin was like anti wellness in so i'm into personally. How do i get back in. More of healthier practices have always do my japanese water therapy. I'd do my intermittent fasting but those are probably the to stock some trying to get back into my fitness routine. Back into meditating back into moving and walking and then. I'm really thoughtful about wellness in the community chest. What can we do to have give people the richer wellness experience. You have an incredible personal board of directors. I read about them. I think the wall street journal did a piece on that. If you add it one more and it could be anyone who would that be see. I would say like obama. Barack obama both between the two. Can you. yeah. I'm about midway through his big book. I'm at about three hundred fifty pages. It is so good and it's so good on the small stuff what life was like as a family in the early days in the white house on frankly how he found his voice and when he realized that he had a big impact on people know and he goes through that in really really personal way in a way. That's very relatable. So if i'm reading that i'm loving it. I'm absolutely loving. That is actually next on my reading. List my favorite book from twenty twenty was actually cast on. My shelf was a just incredible. So my son always. Why do you recommend that to everyone. So so so so good. Read of four or five really good books. But i'm reading now Deacon king kong. In when. I'm done with that. I go to promised land. So i'm that's next on my list super all right last word to you. You've been so generous and this has been such a marvelous beautiful conversation. Anything for me any question before.

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