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Doctor Jana freely, who leads the UW medicine post COVID clinic at harborview, knows firsthand after she says long COVID knocked her for a loop even though she's otherwise healthy. Freely says there are up to 200 symptoms of long COVID, which differ some by variant and can worsen underlying conditions. COVID is like lighter fluid. It just sets everything on fire. So anything that you had before COVID may get worse after having a COVID infection. If you have a predisposition to a condition COVID may put you over the edge. And doctor freely says while recovery from COVID takes time and that rushing it can cause big setbacks sometimes do get better over time. I think that there's a lot of hope. Freely says there is no one treatment for long COVID and it requires an individual approach, but she says researchers at UW and Fred Hutch are working on it. She says prevention is the best method and that starts with vaccinations. Ryan Harris, northwest news radio. 7 34, let's check your drive and head to the dubin law group traffic center. Here's Natalie. West Seattle east and west bound lanes on Spokane street. Excuse me, the road is blocked from a collision between 11th and marginal way and at traffic is really struggling there. It's not moving. Outside of south Lake union also in Seattle on Blanchard and accident at westlake avenue is causing really heavy congestion coming from 8th. High 5 north and Lakewood the right lane is cleared from that police activity at exit one 29 in traffic is moving along. South on one 67, a sluggish traffic from 18 to 5 12, looking like a 15 minute commute. Our next note of traffic at 7 44, Christine Clark checks our 1530 mortgage dot com where the forecast. We've been tracking showers near the Pacific Coast beaches today a sign of change to come this weekend already seen those clouds increase across the lowlands and waking up to morning marine clouds and maybe some morning mist as well for a sleepy start to the weekend Saturday. The clouds and the drizzle soon clear to afternoon sun and then on Sunday more of the same maybe an isolated shower few and far between as high temperatures are set to stay in the 60s for many areas Sunday to wrap up the weekend and the comma four weather center meteorologist Kristen Clarke. Cloudy skies currently 71 in downtown Seattle

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