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So what they did is everyone that was related that help them tie the case back to virgil they put that piece of paper in a separate file that was basically the virgil file as mark g j at the top after they went through it decided what they were going to give the grand jury or what they were gonna test by two at the grand jury that grand jerry apparently indicted william verge on murder charges but that ever hearing that anyone else could have done it that last minute discovery by robert patten delayed the trial from months it had originally been scheduled for april 18th 1988 a year in the week after wreath is death patten told campbell county circuit court judge leonard capacity that he needed time to explore this new information the judge rescheduled the trial for september patten had to decide his strategy his job was to defend william virgil from the accusation it would certainly help his cause if he could point to another probable party but it turned out there were a lot of people on the suspect list and the police records patten was given showed that investigators didn't spend much time on anyone else virgil never confessed of you i don't think he was guilty three mu involved as the to you and me but i'll tell anybody there also anybody that an i if for a different reason than most people think um the trial wasn't put together right m bothered me at the time and i said what the heck is going on here of course my client had told me one inconsistently and he had an alibi for where he was the might of the murder.

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