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It started. We got inner before the game on my head. I think I'm gonna chug a beer when the camera comes because I knew a couple of guys that are affiliates with the bucks. Yeah, we want to put you on screen, all right? So do the first one had a lot of fun of, like errands, like you won't do to my OB too. I did too. And like you have to one with me now. And they if you do three all do one and I'm not one to back down from the challenge. So last night, I went for the three feet. And then you so Aaron knew that he was going to have to do this, or he didn't think you were you would challenge him. I'm trying to cut around the edges here because as we all know twelve is getting a little bit of heat today nationally. Well, I do know he's definitely more scotch guy. But I told him I said, hey, I'll do three if you do one. And maybe he didn't think I was going to do three. So when I when I when I hit to him, and I sent it over 'em knowing that I've deck. I think he he's like I, I guess this is going now. Last-second plunge. Yeah. And then. She's just he just couldn't finish. David. There was just. No, there was no burst. You know what I mean? There was no burst lack of burst. Yeah. I mean, not gonna speak on his behalf but I will say that be some land. They were smooth. They were cold, and they did taste well for the amount of time that I was able to taste. I told you Brockman he was gonna protect Aaron Rodgers coming on this show. That's your default, right? David. You will protect Aaron Rodgers every single day every single situation that you could possibly be in, in that position, correct, David. I mean if my job is kind of second nature, this point. So I I mean my guy that's my quarterback. That's my guy. I mean, I'll be on his beer, chugging team. I'll help them out and gals. So 'cause to me, I just said, on the previous segment, David Bach TR here on the rich Eisen show that to me again, I'm not a beer, chug her by trade. Like if press, I would do on, I think I could accomplish. But normally I'm a wind. By Aaron looked to me like he normally sips when he has some sort of alcoholic beverage as you said, scotch guy. Right. I mean, the, the guy drinks scotch like fisheries water, though. I mean I've, I've seen it when we were at the Kentucky Derby I saw. I mean, the guy can definitely joys that now beer. I mean, I think it's more of a lineman thing I guess, and again that did that dick back to my college. I don't know where it's still. I mean I guess it's still sharpened that talent. But it'd been awhile since I had enjoyed beer like that. Now did yelich know that he was getting involved in this, too, or that was just a total audible as well. David. That was one hundred percent novel. Now, would we were the nectar Heitkamp, I mean, I'll be honest? I was poking out, I'm saying, you've got to do, do you have to do it. He wasn't budget. And, and you can't turn and look me with. With. I think I wanted to be in front of everyone. Hey. If you're committed to that I can make one text. I, we'll have a beer right in front of you and get that camera on TV timeout. Okay. And he said, I do it about five minutes later. He's standing up like gladiator. Join the fans then down here and I couldn't have been prouder. MVP's shutting the same night. I mean that's an accomplishment in of itself. But that is an accomplishment. No one can ever take that away from you. Nobody can ever take that away from you no matter how hard they try now. Yellow did see again. I'm I'm an observer. That's what I do for a living did see. There was a little spillage though, that he did. There's a little struggle towards him. But he did finish..

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