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To register. Call Peter in the business office at 2123720097 Extension eight to sign up. That's two on 23720097 Extension. Eight. We'll see you via ZOON Tuesday, January 19th. Every Saturday morning at seven. The auto lab, the longest running auto show in New York City, can be heard for a full two hours. Post Mike Porcellian, a diverse panel of automotive experts will answer all your basic automotive questions and fill you in on the history and culture of the auto industry. The auto lab is on the air and here to help for a full two hours. Listen every Saturday morning starting at seven, right here on am 9 70. The answer. Hey, this is Ben Shapiro. And my show is the fastest growing conservative talk show and podcast in America. Our show is fast moving, hilarious, hard hitting and comprehensive. We bring you all the news you need and all that deep background information You want to properly understand the news. We're not afraid to ruffle feathers along the way we'll fight corruption and character assassination laugh. It's stupid it together because there's always enough stupidity to go around. Most of all, I will fight for facts Tune into the bench. Shapiro show every day afternoons at five and evenings at nine. The special airings Wednesdays at 4 P.m. on Am 9 70 the answer. Is a day of 9 73 answer on Alexa. Two men I art our radio com Mississippi Queen. Welcome back to the altitude. No pressure here Cast on Am 97 in the answer..

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