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Let's get some entertainment news like Paul gold stars tweets are entertaining enough get the Stacy Brooks now brought to you by bada fires on his premier cool sculpting provider freeze your unwanted fat to see before after photos visit frees me AZ dot com today Hey guys Victoria the T. rex interactive exhibit of one of the largest to rent a storage rex skeletons ever recovered will make its global debut this Sunday at the Arizona Science Center the display will be here in the valley through may twenty fifth six fan favorite digitally restored episodes of The Twilight Zone or coming to select theaters tonight if you like to purchase tickets for this special sixtieth anniversary event is it not a movement dot com also in theaters tonight Ford versus Ferrari the highly anticipated film stars Matt Damon Christian Vale the styles of one direction famous bringing his World War two Glendale next year styles will be it in the river Reno on August twenty ninth tickets go on sale next Friday at ten AM eagles added a second show in Phoenix to their twenty twenty tour scheduled to the overwhelming demand tickets for that concert which is April twenty sixth the talking stick resort arena full until tomorrow at ten AM the eagles will perform their legendary hotel California album in its entirety plus their greatest hits Stacy Brooks KTAR news thank you Stacey at six forty nine and let's thank Danny Sullivan for sitting in FOR D. toward and this morning she's in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center yeah I've got.

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