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Of this week, nearly 30,000 cases of monkeypox in 17 deaths have been reported across the country with an average of 7 new cases per day. The navy is joining Virginia police to investigate four suicides at a Norfolk naval station this month. Rebecca Hughes has the very latest. All four were assigned to the mid Atlantic regional maintenance center, Janelle holder, the most recently deceased was found on November 26th, that other three sailors died on October 28th, November 5th and November 14th a licensed counselor assigned to the naval station said toxic leadership led to sailors feeling overworked and undervalued. This is the navy's second major string of suicides this year after three sailors all died within a week of each other on the U.S. as George Washington. I'm Rebecca Hughes. And President Biden says it's critical Democrats win the upcoming Georgia runoff election, recent polling shows Raphael Warnock is narrowly leading the race. I'm Jim Forbes. President Biden is recommending Iowa be moved out of its first in the nation status, Biden is calling for the Democratic National Committee to replace Iowa with South Carolina as the first test of presidential politics for the party in 2024. But this isn't sitting well with Iowa Republican senator chuck grassley, he tweeted Biden is quote kicking Iowa and the teeth. Biden's proposal would move Iowa out of the first round of caucuses entirely, moving Georgia and Michigan into the early window. Police in Los Angeles, California are looking for a real life Grinch. Has the very latest. Fox 11 reports that a suspect is on the loose after stealing holiday decorations from a south LA lawn, the family's home security system recorded footage of the suspect stopping their car on the street at night, then pulling the decor and driving off one of the decorations stolen just so happened to be an 11 foot inflatable Grinch. The victim told the outlet the situation is just sad. Authorities are asking anyone with information regarding the incident to please come forward. I'm at Matson. Police say a teenager campaigning for democratic senator Rafael Warnock was shot in the leg in Savannah, Georgia, the 15 year old was at the front door of a home Thursday when a suspect inside fired a shot through the closed door. The teen suffered a non life threatening gunshot wound to the leg, the suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery. Police say there's no indication at this time that the shooting was politically motivated. And the Christmas action horror film night is bringing in $1.1 million from Thursday previews that David Harbour film is expected to bring in between ten and $12 million in its opening weekend at the domestic box office. It's projected to get beat by Marvel Studios Black Panther Wakanda forever, which is predicted to make between 17 and $25 million in its fourth weekend in theaters. And that's the very latest. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update mets pitching ace Jacob de Grom reportedly leading the team and heading to the Texas Rangers, the rangers reporting on Twitter they signed a right handed two times sion award winner to a 5 year deal, reports put to Grom's deal at $185 million, with an option for a 60 year for an additional $37 billion. In the NHL, the New York rangers are now losers of four of their last 5 dropping the second of a home and home series against Ottawa at the garden three to two and overtime, Brady skull with 49 seconds left in regulation tied the game and kuchuk skull with 18 seconds left and over time gave Ottawa the wind. The islanders fall to Nashville at UBS arena four to one Matthew barzal below islander gold scorer, and in the NBA the nets when their fourth in a row, they beat Toronto at the Barclays center one 14 one O 5, Kyrie Irving led the nets with 27. The U.S. men's national soccer team set to face the Netherlands and the knockout round of the 2022 World Cup later this morning in Qatar at ten. The bottom two teams on the top NFC east clash on Sunday as the Washington commanders head to the Meadowlands to face the Giants. Giants quarterback Daniel Jones says they are thrilled about this weekend's divisional showdown with the commanders. It works really excited. I think we'll

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