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Ninety four WIP later on. We've got an interview with the NFL scouting combine former saints and Browns scout Matt managerial he's the editor of the annual series of sports info solutions, the SIS football rookie handbook they have gone over every rookie that went to the combine and is going to be drafted, and he'll tell you who things eagle should take. And the topics are going to be and why and that's coming up in the meanwhile, it's you and me some of the things I've been talking about ego. She signed Ryan Fitzpatrick he'd be the perfect guide backup Carson Wentz. Because he's already got a relationship with the Sean Jackson. You don't think? So no absolutely now at least in the compete against fell. Yeah. I mean, you know, push comes to shove who do you want? You back. I rather have Fitzpatrick. Yes. You want the guy especially because theoretically, they think that this is still a Super Bowl team. Yeah. They still want to be there. So you might as well have a better backup in case. You're in the playoffs and this. All right. So we were talking about this earlier. You know as far as like is the league taking back. You know, are they are they now standing up to the players, and what is gonna happen to Pittsburgh leads. Antonio Antonio Brown, basically pain in the ass himself at a Pittsburgh ends up in Oakland for three and a five. They'll always be a team that will give these guys money how they will do when they get to that team. I mean, look at the Redskins with Landon Collins, you see how much money they gave him. But he was a good guy. Yeah. But he's not worth eighty four million. But the Redskins. There's always again, there's always a team that will give them money. There's always a team that will throw a monkey wrench into the raiders. When you saw all the safeties that are available. You know? And apparently, they think that Landon Collins is going to be the difference maker. And would you give safety that kind of money eighty five million dollars and Collins is not a cover safety is a great guy. You know, he was a team leader to think about Landon Collins is here's a guy who did everything right? Came out played hard saying I want to retire giant. I want to be on this team for my for the duration. The whole thing did did played the game by the rules. And in the end just doesn't matter. You're gone. You're not what we want and he just didn't fit the defense. But apparently Washington see something, you know, where they the league is changing now that you've got to be able to cover the receive. You've got to be able to cover the tight end college is more of a linebacker. So let's see you know, what how the Redskins fit him into their defense. But the Redskins team that could sneak up on people. You know, the the got a lot of good guys that they brought in there, and you know, Collins being one of them it's going to be they brought in the quarterback. Let's see what that does. But. So you're saying there's always going to be a team that will take a shot on a Brown and hotel. It only takes one right? It always that. Yeah. That cliche. But where will they go? I I don't know who these teams and I'm reminded of the twenty eleven eagles dream team. Everybody came here. And it was a foregone conclusion at the Super Bowl was just you know, it was it was a given. And a lot of times it doesn't happen. Well, the Rams sort of change that a little bit. It's only last year people go crazy as it happens one year. And everybody says look now you can win with free ages. Now, you could win that way. It's only one year. Well, it depends on who you get and how together, and that's the I don't know that all these guys at the Brown's got a going to be able to play the browser going to be okay. Because they have Baker Mayfield. But he's not he's not deodorant for everything you could go on you talking about. I'm not saying that they're going to win the Super Bowl. But I'm going to say that he's gonna be. I mean, he took an almost sixteen team. And there are seven and nine they could. Okay. But he didn't do it by himself. I mean, my point is this. What was the biggest change? It was Baker Mayfield. Right. But when you when you have a team that's got the potential to implode based on the personalities of that team. You don't want a one year quarterback who's one of those personalities. Riding roughshod over truly fair. That's my point. What do you think about like bell to the Jess with darnold? Do you think there's a possibility that with him? Bake possibility. Now, I don't think bell was as bad as Brown in that aspect cancer like using that phrase like the cancer in the locker room, but like. Well, the difference with Brown was Brown was like I'm going to revolutionize the running back the respect of the running battles league. I'm gonna sit out and they're going to see that they need and they're gonna pay me Imbaba and he lost. He lost. He took a gamble and he lost. He ended up coming back for less money. Now, he goes to the jets. Okay. So he's going to be playing in New York. He's got the rookie quarterback. The thing about the jets is going to be really interesting now is what kind of what kind of control Adam gays has over his team. You know, it's coming down to the thing about Cleveland. You know kitchens who else is gonna respect him kitchens only there because Mayfield wanted him there. He's the he's the bagels first offensive coordinator for the second offensive coordinator. Right. Here's they got rid of Todd. What's his face? Hey, Todd Haley. So he liked kitchens. Next thing. You know, he goes into makes kitchens to coach. And then they go out and get you know, all these multiple wacko personalities. Put them all together. That's good. But I think could implode can I got a much better chance of imploding. I mean, the thing about like when you look at the giants situation where they had Shurmur who, you know, he's all about eliminate the distraction. He lie did ride over that. Because he isn't a distraction. He's just you know, LOKI guy. You know what? I mean, it's it's a different situation with the eagles. They don't have this problem because Dale handle it in the lock over in the locker room. He don't have this. You know, you gotta get any distractions or implosion on the eagle dealership, you out very lucky in that matter. See, Sean, Sean, well, and an potentially maybe Bennett, maybe they thought that's maybe that's why they got rid of it. I mean, I I hate hated that movie medicine stuff out about Bennett. Maybe there was something. We don't know about or something. Yeah. The move doesn't really make any sense. But well, it did make it made sense to the point where they brought him in it didn't work. So rather than but did work. He was one of our best players list. Nobody didn't work to the point where whatever reason it didn't work in the locker room for whatever reason. No that again, I don't know. I'm just saying, you know, I'm reading what I'm seeing. So I mean, if whether it did or didn't they traded him for a reason? A fifth round pick boys. I tell you something that was probably we don't know for a fact that I'll tell you the team the team that can definitely break up or not break up. We'll definitely have problems the raiders and Brown. Derek Carr is not that good. And when Antonio Brown is getting passes from Derek Carr instead of Ben Rothlisberger. He's gonna start maybe not the first visit Tonio Brown. Make Derek Carr better. Dr not that good. Well, he was good enough to get the big deal. He was good enough. The way he gave him that your way prematurely lost the raiders. But I mean like you don't make the quarterback the quarterback makes the wide receiver. Here's here's another thing. Though. You'll get the raiders in this happens. All the time. You know, you go back. I remember when. The raiders signed Kerry Collins and Randy moss, and that was going to work, right? The rate signed Jeff Hostetler, I forget who the other end they got him. So is it a passing combination that could work time? We'll tell Larry's in Florida. What's happening in Lawrence stew? Tiebreak you'll get a played linebacker. The Browns were signing up. Joan you. I wouldn't surprise me if they trade they trade for tyreek hill immediately. We're not gonna trade for him. Prizes me anymore. Going on with him. Anyway. A kid got four good receivers. They don't wait anymore. Now. I know I'm just making. Once they got their sat at white out. But you know, they're they're looking they've tried. They lost out on that CJ Moseley. The giants jets got Moseley. Yeah. I'm saying we'll Cleveland where we were in on him. See, I'm a Cleveland Cleveland guy. We ran on here. But I think just just got him. I guess they might cleaver might get Justice. Houston from Kansas City neno. It's possible. It's funny. I the chiefs now just like Pittsburgh lost. They're running back and receiver chiefs laws. They're running back and receiver right? But yeah. Now, you know, they're..

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