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VP and GM replacing. John Dorsey Eighty Berry who will become the youngest in the NFL. At thirty two years old returns to Cleveland after working for the organization from two thousand sixteen to two thousand eighteen. The browns sounds also hired thirty-seven-year-old Kevin Stefanski as their head coach earlier. This offseason so Max with higher are the browns any closer or are they farther away away from being super bowl. Champions Day closer they hired brains and by the way I let me state the obvious. I don't know if it's the lead but it's the obvious we have been talking talking a lot on the show Steven A.. You've been lamenting the scarcity of African American head coaches and general managers. Here's a general general manager and head of Football Operations African American Harvard graduate. My the way this is. This is a good higher. I believe first of all he he was involved in building up. The browns war-chest the reason. The Brown's got these star players. All the sudden is because Andrew Berry and de Pedestrian. These guys built updraft picks in this huge stash of this huge cache of resources. And then you bring in someone else to just pull the trigger John Dorsey all. I'm going to get this this guy. This guy this guy like a kid in a candy store shiny new toys. Same thing happened with Sam. hinkie in Hinky in Philadelphia the process that Stephen elements the the brains. Come in and build up all this potential energy you roll the rock up the hill. And then the kinetic energy is when you actually push it down I and it has that energy so here was Andrew Berry one of the people who rolled up the hill for the browns. And then Dorsey comes in. He's a football guy and he pushes it down this. This is the team. You got the reason. The reason Colangelo. And now Elton brand. Or Dorsey I look so good when they walk into. That situation is because they have so many resources. I almost can't look bad if they start pulling the trigger on deals we're going to acquire talent but what is it the right talent is it. The right fit today. Optimize the resources so that little phase is over. It didn't work now. They're bringing back into Harvard educated guy that helped build it up in the first place. That's a good sign. Well first of all when I'm of the mindset that they're further away not close but it's not because they're Andrew Berry first of all congratulations to this brother. I've been On this bandwagon for a long time MACs just articulated of the pause. The scarcity of African American coaches one problem but The the lack of African American executives goes a long way. I'm not sure if this is true if he were in Georgia that day but member Wind Colin Cabinet was scheduled. Did you to have that workout with the NFL. And I talked about how there were African Americans in the pipeline the become executives that showed up in attendance making my point that there were people there that were thoroughly interested in giving him an opportunity. I believe Andrew Berry was one of them but I'm not sure here's the reality of the situation. I'm very very happy for him. I wish him nothing but the Best Jimenez Defense he are incredibly young and bright. The problem is in order to clean up the mess that was made. They're going to have to make changes in the process of making those changes. They'll probably take a step back before taking two steps forward so in that regard you gotTa Remember Hassle Him. No owner took over twenty twelve. This is his fifth. GM GM coach combination since two thousand thousand twelve. Yeah I mean that's a I mean you don't see you've seen the steelers three coaches this sixty s this man is at a new coach and GM five five times in seven years. I don't know what the L. Adam is doing. But in this particular instance I love the high of and very personally will be rooting for this brother Stew to fans even though his last time we wasn't as most shining moment in that playoff game against San Francisco because he seems so predictable coordinator he wasn't he had had a year and give it to them. Let's see what happens. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from Scratch Mayor Reverse Progressive City Might Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving healthcare and public schools. Now he's is running for president. And Mike's the changing from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone. Someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win in this country. Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty Twenty Waltham back to I take we are coming to you. Live from above the chase river deck at pier seventeen. I met Kobe at the very end of his career. I interviewed him during his final season. The farewell tour but I was able to develop a relationship with him after retirement retirement because of his genuine investment in women's basketball one time I saw coby and his daughter sitting courtside when Oregon women's basketball came to play USA IN LA and see. Kobe joke wouldn't you rather see your daughter play. Coast close to home at my Alma Mater Stanford instead of across the country at Uconn but her heart was set on Gino squad. gee-gee was a student of the game like her dad. A hardworking rapidly improving hooper. Who had come to the Oregon? USC game to see the Best Player in college basketball play. SABRINA UNESCO I want to be I asked. Would you join me for an interview during our broadcast and he graciously did he said I got you. It was in that interview that Kobe shared a message. About fulfilling one's potential. That will hold onto forever. Because he wanted us to know that Mama mentality transcends gender it transcends craft job trade all of that Mama mentality is for every every single one of us he said it's all about focus. I don't care who you are where you're from doesn't matter it's having a focus and having a purpose you wake up every single day to get better today than you were yesterday and it doesn't matter what you are basketball. All player hockey player golf player painter writer. It doesn't matter you try to reach your full potential by getting better every single day and that half the quest. Kobe was part of our family the USA basketball family and he helped create the culture that we were able to do it at eleven year period and he was very close to my family You know we shared two loves love of the game and and we both have daughters is sounds crazy but koby spoke this. He spoke this Isa. Just say all the time I WANNA die young and I thought he was Cra- he's he say I wanna Die Young. I WANNA be bored. Allies is it. You know I wanNA have my career be better than Michael Jordan and I WANNA die young and I just thought he was just so crazy for saying that and when I got the news yesterday I had a dance with my daughter yesterday at my wife's event and they came and told me the news and I just couldn't believe just like just like everybody everybody else is. I'm devastated. Lebron James made his first public comments last night on instagram heartbroken and devastated my brother man. I love you big Bro. My heart goes to Vanessa and the kids. I promise you I'll continue in your legacy man. You mean so much to us all here especially LAKER nation. And it's my responsibility to put this on my back back and keep it going we now welcome in ESPN NBA analyst. Tim Legler are you. Good off man who's been devastating considering the Times uh-huh and we'll continue the conversation. I mean Lebron fully taking responsibility in his post. A what do you think about that. I don't mind I think it's entirely appropriate. But it's not really because Lebron James is purple and gold and playing for the Los Angeles Lakers is because how he conducts himself in the pursuit of excellence. That's where I think it's appropriate. You know we'll sit up here and I'll tell you in the past. Lebron was scared to go to the lane because he didn't want to end up going to the free throw alive while talk about a fadeaway jump shot that he took instead of going to the whole and bringing up a free throw or something along those lines but what you have never nor would you ever hear me say about Lebron. James is that Lebron James has ever cheated the game of basketball. He always goes about the business of trying to keep himself himself in peak condition to be ready to answer the call understanding he's a marquee and has responsibility. His number one job is to who show up the best ability is availability and he's always available and so when you look at it from that perspective you'd think about what made Kobe so great would made. MJ So great guys like that. The number one thing to me I pointed to wasn't their ability. It was the fact that they always showed up. I love watching an interview of from a few months ago where Kobe Bryant was being used on stage talking to somebody and he recounted the story of Vince. Carter was the rage. He was in Toronto when he was taken the League by storm and he was the new aerial assault and all of that stuff and Kobe. Brian was talking about how his back was killing him. And he was enduring these back spasms and then the game against Toronto was coming up any told the trainer. I'll have back spasms today. I'm going to show up today because who in the hell would not have wanted to see Kobe. Going.

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