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And another interesting bit about putin folly is that this is the city that paul the apostle is said to have arrived in as well on his way to rome around sixty ad but just like that after a journey that was estimated to be around two thousand miles given her route and roughly six to eight weeks at sea and some say a little bit longer some say a little bit shorter cleopatra finally arrived on italian soil but the journey wasn't over yet the overland trip from puteolana to rome was about one hundred and seventy miles so she was still about three to four days out from actually arriving in room but for all intents and purposes she had made it now from puteolana cleopatra and her entourage would have worked their way of bit north by way of primitive roads that were mostly constructive gravel and sand until they reached the famous via appier or the abbey and way now this was one of the earliest roads constructed in the roman republic and certainly one of its most important ultimately running some three hundred plus miles connecting rome on the west coast of the italian peninsula with its settlements on the southeastern coast but as we said cleopatra's journey from put yoli to rome was roughly another three days overland so how would cleopatra have made this part of the journey well she would have either been sitting in a covered carriage bumping her way along the rough road for three days or she presumably spent all or a good portion of the trip in a litter.

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