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Obviously ask him he was terrorizing me and me alone for seven games in the first round would would bony had to pick with you yeah well the heck was wrong it was the great yeah well it was what was that those are why why are you the easily the best player we faced in the playoffs for all three rounds boston gonna pick me yeah they didn't i'll never let them forget it f talk a lot of wayne gretzky this show feels like tiny ago but dedication to just real quick because i do believe it's the best mixed faith of all time it's certainly get it's case for the thing is with a lot of mistakes it's like once last time i listened to it's like but they're not an apple music i just don't listen to stuff them which and apple music if it's not an apple news yes e i went i agree but i put like do you know how to add stuff to your apple library like i do it sometimes it's just k yeah kazak there there are certain tapes as like no i need that just at all times on my phone boy i don't i'm not gonna download like a mix tape app blake those are no good yeah perhaps a front is it's two different worlds correct so i have that on there what do you know your favorite track off the top of your head do a name some he egging me some.

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