Casey, Colonel Craig Price, South Dakota discussed on Midday's with Michael Estridge


Motel there suddenly last summer going beyond earlier as well as on here to some key ccr weather for you it music roma free movement come your way with i found some of my own casey our time now is eleven fifty one from the great faces to the great places south dakota has over eighty thousand miles of roadways in interstates i'm colonel craig price of the south for how we control the men and women of the patrol worked round the clock to ensure the safety of south could residents and visitors but we also depend on you to report any suspicious activity if you see something say something the calling eight four four three st decent thanks for your part to ensure safe get the latest weather for the few for fear area also lingering clouds that some sunny breaks developing a saturday with an isolated shower still possible as well i stay around sixty with north wins fifteen to twenty five tonight with partly cloudy skies blood out a thirty five with northwest what fifteen and the allocated wednesday calls for some sunshine a high seventy four lead fall to fifty one wednesday night by the south dakota state lottery weather i weather center appalled probably at today's casey off right now fifty two nick cave yeah oh god mark mom aw it's aw two whoa the words.

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