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And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. Everybody was going on Jay Buckey here. A little move the sticks action going on. But we've got we've got some NFL action. We've got some college action. And we've got a fun guest today. Yeah. We have really guest. Jordan. Palmer is going to join us to talk all things quarterbacks. And look he's a great expert having worked with all these young guys not only the guys that we're seeing the young guys in the pros, but the young guys into pipeline. It'd be interesting to get his take on some of the guys that we work together with doing lead eleven process. Yeah. We'll do a little progress report here on some of these young rookie NFL quarterbacks. And maybe get a glimpse of what's to come here. And this next quarterback class looking forward to that conversation there with Jordan Palmer, but we've got to start things off as we always do book at this time of the week and that's going through each game own the NFL weekend radio. Yeah. Before before we get because the first game, we're gonna talk about we'll be the same sort of bingles. But I want to get your take on. What do you think about the Dez Bryant signing? At this time of the year. Like, how do you think impacts to saints? Have you been port when you're a Baltimore Philip did you ever sign in vet in the middle of the season? It's kind of push you over the top. Yeah. I can't remember, you know, this is kind of a new development. I think seeing this much movement. And obviously does Bryant wasn't a trade was assigning. But seeing this much movement in the middle of NFL season. I think that's relatively new over the last couple of years didn't used to see much of that. But to me, this is I don't know if there's I don't know if they're sixteen games that Dez Bryant could go to and have a big time impact. I really I really believe that. But I do think there's a couple of teams that fit him beautifully, and he can't have an impact in. And this is definitely one of them. Because what is the knock? I mean, you've said at numerous times and knock on Brian is he doesn't create any separation. So you need to be playing with somebody that's ridiculously accurate because you don't have a lot of space and he can make contested catches..

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