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This is by two in a price of me a little bit bigger like three is right here at said goodbye this is like the fillet of the of the same arranged then turn you turn sideways and you take bite four so you've got one two three and probably four i would say in five then you if you repeat the process as a ten by settlement sh if this man approaches and eating a sandwich with this level of detail in three production and strategy there is no way the miami loses a football game this year do you agree that the miami hurricanes will be undefeated based on mercury sandwich eating philosophy of blame mazen blue but everybody knows i rep the you to the fullest even look back at the faf five documentary rocking you've krona what would that being said this is clearly cultural what i am not interested in any way shape or form about how many times an individual is going to cut a sandwich before he jalen any new cohosts because this means everything to me this means everything to me and you know what you said on this show one time you said you're never cut sandwich in your life that's insee not only does mark rick agree with me that that diagonal cut is the appropriate way to cut a sandwich he's got a strategy for the post cut approach didn't that he called parts remove ochsner to want to talk about this what about airports he called this is the filet of the sandwich right here like not only does he sandwich in a certain way every time he's got bites that he prefers over others i cannot wait until one day you're out and mark rick comes in joins this show with me in its mark written jacoby on history intuitive next all you got his name i shall we fires none electing second is the last one of these.

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