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Regime. Take. Your best example WANNA lead was. Even Russia I'd. Will years hitting. Know what have we come to win the former Soviet Union? Pressing people warmer. Up Best Free To. Know Right. Do when you think of People's liberty the first country that jumps to mind. Russia. ASININE board. Survey said. One hundred. Two points Nice. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three also at pat unleashed on twitter by the way. We, we are playing more controversy back DAB in the middle of it but as we anticipated, it may be tough to get somebody on the phone in the respective cities of San Francisco and Seattle who is home team Seattle. So we're looking for somebody in the greater Seattle area which stress stretches all the way to spokane. I mean that's non stop city from Spokane. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, it's A Maho even is. Seattle Marcus sprawling. Metro. Today's world the South Dakota. Yeah, they predicted this was gonNA happen I know he's GonNa be Garoppolo Alice's, and they are so slow rewind that I wanna hear Tom Brokaw say the word megalopolis please. Mega. Operas. Go, that exciting for. Very didn't yeah. No, it's good. I've your example another example for you know they keep saying how climate change is killing the earth and we're losing the water's rising. The ice is melting animals are dying. They just discovered a new coral reef, the size of the empire. State building off of Australia, they've discovered thirty or thirty, one species of new fish. Already I mean, well. Are. We really dying or is the earth I actually doing what the Earth does? Yes, it is the answer's Yes. Yeah they You know those documentaries that the do with. Is it, David. ATTENBOROUGH. David Luiz the guy we've done this before. Long. ATTENBOROUGH boys. The other ones alive and does all these, Google. Nature. Vow to well the show you the see in the coral reef that's dying at the very end of one of them all by the way. Yeah. A lot of times these regenerate. Button. Almost every time they do that but we still dying still global warming. Wait a minute they regenerate. As a couple of this, this one that they found out. This new one didn't even know existed, right? Gosh. I. Mean. And this happens all the time and then they wonder why we don't buy their Sayas right and say that again the. Coral as tall as the. Large as the Empire State. Building. New Coral Reef. That they found on top and the bottom of the story, they talk about all you know we found like thirty thirty, one new species of fish to hear that we know everything. Science. Knows every it's just it's amazing. We're supposed to believe what well because it's. That's why that's all right. They're also going to ban glitter. This year retailers. Are Clerk. Blunt and unlikely enemy Christmas glitter. sparkly bits of plastic that make ornaments twinkle wrapping paper, glimmer and wreaths. Shimmer, are increasingly seen as environmental hazard. Gets husbands busted so maybe for it. Glitter is just it's you can't get rid of it. Right I don't care what the justification is. Yeah. I don't either seriously I don't care if that's through global warming environmental hazard go ahead and glitter I'm that's one thing. Oppress us the ability to use glitter glue maybe. Thing. To realize the hated Russia allows. Is the. Is My pet peeve is just dealing with. A nightmare. All right since we don't have a contested yet, but we're still awaiting one in Seattle to get started here, Seattle San Francisco, the match up on more on Trivia today. Let's Do our other big competition and that's the cackle off Oh. Nice between Hillary Clinton. and. Comma Harris that's a tough one man here it is the cackle off. What difference at this point does it make? It says.

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