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Fifth crusade fighting bravely taking huge casualties but fighting in another crusade that sadly didn't really accomplish much other than just get a lot of people killed temper forces accompanying crusading troops from all over the holy roman empire from the kingdom of hungary the kingdom of france the papal states that crusader states even other orders like the tonic order the knights haas hospital or everyone's getting in on the holy on this time and this time that the templars took a different route they went to egypt or attempting to tack the muslims they're not attempting they did attack the muslims there and then they were gonna head up into the holy land from below this time they participated in a siege of the egyptian coastal city of dummy data just east of alexandria at the mouth of the dummy at two branch of the now river and this siege sounds like hell on earth the templars faced greek fire when they attacked data from the seat and greek fire sounds a lot like regular fire but stickier and even more bernier it's the bernie kind of fire inside the city defenders were crypt with every conceivable device for budget and this is the these logic defenders every conceivable device for bludgeoning burning impaling anyone four hundred enough to face him down one of their most potent weapons was that seriously nasty shit called greek fire we touched on this a way back in another suck i can't recall exactly which ones we just kind of barely mentioned it it greek fires a sticky it's a nafta based inflammatory resin which could be sprayed from pipes or hurled grenades style on pasta would shatter on impact it was essentially medieval napalm and the sticky greek fire probably like some kind of petroleum base impossible to extinguish nasty highly potent weapon you know turn on soldiers attacking from the water and it was even the water would not put it out and no one knows exactly how they made it to this day probably against some kind of petroleum oil base which is why you know it would burn on the water likely drives them some type of crude oil they've found that had seeped up to the surface but again it's a mystery of ancient times to certain extent data was also hottest shit in a non burning mysterious flame way it wasn't a fun place to wear big robes and armor because the temperature would exceed one hundred ten degrees fahrenheit light in the shade on a regular basis that's gonna make a siege significantly even less fun than normal even when you're not getting stabbed or burned your very sweaty you i can only imagine just the funky balls those guys hat right this the bacteria the athlete's foot type situations the chafing has got to be hall gotta be a lot of ranked balls on this each gruesome crusader ships anchored in the river tried to pelt the tower guarding the city without an onboard catapult but a counter blast of greek firelight let their ships on fire and they went back to base camp now pierced with arrows burnt templars even tried to build an armored shifts you know protected by bulwarks to attack the tower that got all burn up and shot up as well the tempers on the fisher sade face additional natural miseries as well as the rest of as winter approached us me conditions deteriorated quickly poor provisioning led to a mass outbreak of scurvy that never sounds fun men limping around the siege camp with their scurvy legs now and lower legs and agony their gums swollen up their gums rotting some crusaders left having been away from home for a year they reckon that to be an adequate film of their vows bummer listed how the crusade go not good lost most of my tastes is scary wants one ivy's get burned alive in late october the templars camp was rated early one morning result in a small cavalry battle more than five hundred men are killed following month campus lashed by three day storm swelled the river washed away a lot of their tents smashed several ships at anchor into splinters in early december rates continued from the captured river tower oliver of pad born recorded one encounter in awe said having been sucked too close to dominate his defensive barricades by the river strong current one of the templars ships was showered with stones and greek fire then surrounded by light enemy craft then muslim soldiers fasten themselves to the vessel with grappling hooks scaled.

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