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Think. Is phenomenal all right three looking forward to do it three. All right before we get going with the next clip one of mine everybody about cooler shocked because it's hot out there, we need to keep our food called to keep things called and cooler shock is a reusable premium ice pack. That is so much colder than is that it replaces is entirely. Fourteen degrees cold. That's right fourteen degrees colder. And they don't leave bacterial soup and your cooler at the end of the day. You know that gross stuff, so it's neither one of that nobody wants to get rid of the backboard dissolves that you just take the thing out Rephrase it and you're gonNA. Go so easy and cool shot is also a small family owned business, so we're excited constantly bringing innovative ice back to the market, and since they're in. Phoenix They know hot cool shock is colder than ice, no dirty gross water and you got to keep everything nice and cold, and if you don't believe me, check out their Amazon writing if an average of four point seven stars. Wow, yeah and over. Over sixty eight hundred reviews so. The? The proof is in the pudding. So for best pricing you can do that. You can go. Kushtia Dot com use the Code Adam and get ten percent off and free shipping. They're also Amazon vitamin stores. You'll see it cooler shock. What you want. Your Nice back all right this. Yeah this next clip. This from two thousand fourteen now earlier this month Jay Leno came in and adamant him. We're talking about. His car, collection and Leno call that amount like oh I know you want one of my cars. Adam told me it was the McLaren F one. And Adam knows because Adams been a Jay Leno shop a few times, and in two thousand to. A few here and in twenty fourteen, he brought the kids. This time he brought the kids unlike time. You didn't bring it up chick-fil-a. Cruel show fourteen, sixty five. The guest on this episode was Laura Michael Chisholm. She's not in this portion Joe Koi. Alison Rosen. Brian Bishop December of two thousand fourteen and took the twins Jaylo shop and ask them what cars they hypothetically might want a really funny bit and I remembered I was like put in figures joy to check it out..

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