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Welcome back it is a Ben Ferguson show the White House is having their coronavirus task force briefing tonight on this Sunday evening and so we want to make sure we have that for you live here is doctor Burks and some of the actual good news or getting on some numbers and some hot spots around the country let's continue to listen to their president as you can see from the hopeful signs in Italy and Spain for we see finally new cases and deaths declining it's giving us hope of what our future could be we wanted to give you an update on where all of the states where we're looking at this is states normalized per hundred thousand citizens it looks very similar to last week we wanted to update you we've been covering throughout the week the states that were moving on this map you can see very clearly where New York is as a state although this is very much still centered in the New York metro area New Jersey is the Orange Line the Green Line is Louisiana that's followed by a Massachusetts and then Connecticut and Michigan are together on those lines towards the bottom and then of course Washington DC is now visible on this map which was not visible before and the yellow line towards the bottom is a Washington state next slide please so this just summarize all of the states we're tracking very closely at the county level so we're target were tracked tracing and tracking not only the epidemic at the state level but understanding what's happening in county by county with new cases and of course also the deaths were also triangulated that with all of the laboratory data and just to tell you how we're kind of doing that for New York which you can see at the top there serology is now about thirty six percent positive they were in the forties so day over day they're percent positive is finally starting to decline new Jersey's is increasing however they're now up to forty two percent of the specimens that come to the laboratory are positive Louisiana twenty five percent Massachusetts twenty percent Connecticut Michigan twenty percent district of Columbia fifteen percent Washington eight percent and then Illinois Colorado art about sixteen percent Pennsylvania which is also new to the graphic is at about twelve percent next slide please so we could go back when I'm sorry go back one slide one more all of the states here those are thirty eight of the state's thirty eight of our states have less than fifty cases per hundred thousand they are testing their laboratory results are consistent with that there's zero positivity rate for their laboratories are less than five percent so this is how we're tracking and triangulated both case reporting mortality or fatalities and also triangulated in that with the laboratory the New York metro area in New Jersey Louisiana and a series and Washington state how all tested at a rate greater than Italy and Spain I know many of you are tracking that remember many of us we pushed out a lot of those assets at the beginning over the last two to three weeks and I want to just thank god Roger R. in HHS it's been working very closely to make sure that the states that were having an outbreak had access to all of their assets next slide please and the next one so just to give you an idea of how we're looking.

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