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To take care is out in the lake it up and get it out of hibernation because that's a lot of work for just one day before it rains again two it's not mine okay i don't own it pay rent for it appreciate the call to six seventy gabriel who's this brenda brenda who you voting for for governor in in in may okay say real quickly other captain crunch and labrador in that order okay very she bought for for governor captain crunch let me have a bowl full labrador okay so album getting back in the studio is kind of a big deal am i the only one that thinks it's a big deal or is it kind of a big deal brenda i didn't hear the very first part sorry is obligating back in the studio for the first time in over thirty years a big deal fantastic deal and i really think that whoever doesn't care you know for their music hasn't heard most of their songs because it seems like every playlist is like three tremendous dancing queen i love mah but there are some that i prefer i love them all they got to check out the rest there's so many i mean even like you did not turn turn her up travis silenced you travis travis silenced your abu travis censored your playlist you are about you're about to give punish this entire show now sir you are playing the rest you wanna quit it's it's cold out there eighty nine degrees eighty nine degrees it's going to be cold this weekend you want to go work for the hacks across the street no no no not those hacks the other ones.

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