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She woke up and it's called a waking dream where you're dreaming but you dream that you woke up and she walked out into the backyard and there was this big silver spaceship that lands in our backyard and these little people get out and they walk up to her and they say you need interferon and she goes why is it interfere on remember this interferon tell your doctor you need interferon they turn around walk back into their spaceships and the spaceship picked off so the next day she goes to a doctor and she says i had a dream last night at this point she has nothing to lose right that doesn't matter she goes i had a dream last night and in the dream these aliens from spaceship told me i need interferon now just a alien spaceship should have done the dachshund she said he turned totally white when she said i need interferon do you know what it is and he said well it's a new chemo this out it's not really available yet but i think i know of a research group that's using it let me see if i can get you into it so he did and that was twenty years ago she recovered the interferon worked and she'd never heard of it before knew nothing about it and neither did most of the rest of the medical industry i think one of the most important things that your book brings up cannot is that it shows the unity of the mind and the body and the spirit all working together as one and that we all have these abilities if we just open up and allow what do you hope the readers take away from this book how important it is for them to self advocate you'll see that that thread throughout this book some of these patients got down right obnoxious and if you can see through the phone line you see my arm at my hands is up waving i was one of them you know they didn't take no for an answer they would not be dismissed they were that squeaky wheel that re that that just refused to be ignored and that's what you've gotta do when your life is on the line you've got to be all of that more and i'm hoping that this book will show you how absolute pleasure having you on and again everyone the book is called dreams that can save.

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