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On drugs slams into two cars at a gas station that Wayne New Jersey killing three people to governor Cuomo no longer want state police to release the mugshots or arrest records of suspects. Unless there's a compelling reason to do so komo's trying to prevent internet shaming and three head appears to jersey is making significant progress towards legalizing marijuana while he isn't going into detail on what he says are still ongoing negotiations. Governor Murphy does say I think we're all working really hard to get this done this being one of his central campaign promises. Still unfulfilled over a year into his term legalizing marijuana who said this all along getting it right is a lot more important than getting it fast. And that hasn't turned out to be easy. Senate leaders in the governor's office had come to a stalemate on a potential sales tax rate, but reports indicate they've come to a creative solution on that there wouldn't be a sales tax but instead of tax on marijuana by its wait forty two dollars an ounce. This is a seismic shift. In public policy and the creation of a new industry. Those about demanding items assembly speaker Craig Coughlin says they're working to make sure there's a Bill that can garner widespread support we could see a vote as soon as next month. But a backup plan is already being floated if things don't work out it could be left up to voters to decide on the November ballot with the governor in Piscataway, Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty women in York been raped may soon have all the time they need to come forward. The current statute of limitations for survivors of second or third degree rape is five years in New York state. That's not long enough says actress and women's rights activist Julianne Moore, I called my senator's office to gain clarity on the statute of limitations for rape sexual assault in my home state. I was shocked to find out that New York state had a statute of limitations on child sexual assault claims and statute of limitations on second and third degree rape and assault charges the statute on child sex assault victims has been taken care of with the passage of the child Vic. Uh-huh. Act, but the twenty nine thousand New York state, women's Justice agenda includes wiping out the rape statute entirely. So that when women are ready to break their silence they can pursue Justice against their abusers. Lieutenant governor Kathy local says the agenda for women in New York state is the latest in a long fight. So we're all done, right. Women are equal in New York. It's all set. Now. I didn't think so we're not done at all Nak, Rosenberg WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty and Connecticut school district in knowledge is that students have the right not to participate in the pledge of allegiance as a result of a lawsuit by teenage girl who says her teacher shamed. Her and other students for opting out the fourteen year old black student at Waterbury arts magnet school, Senator first amendment rights, saying she was protesting racial discrimination. CBS.

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