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Is to 15 said he was doing something registry, a bunch of people to vote, which I find that's a good thing. But he said he was doing something to try to put the election. I can't believe that That was sad, and the guy said that, But could you look up to see if that happened because I don't believe in it. But he said he wanted to put the election. Yeah, I think in the context of J. J. He was talking about it, Wass. It was. Ah, a little bit. I don't know exactly that. You know the day I think that was right after George Floyd was killed. Me. I was like, right after joint. Floyd was killed. And so he was talking about. Getting getting people out and good putting them to vote and how you could write and how you could flip in election because that's the way I don't have that. Yeah, but he did talk about flipping the election of so that was not, But I think the context Wass thank you for clearing that up for me because then out surround CBS radio made it sound like he was taking partisan politics. And I don't think that's a big 10 commissioner job. Thank you for doing that Danish. You replay the 68 game and watch the port quarter when the Buckeyes roll over the second range, But guys roll over the fourth rank will range and beat him 52 14. Claim money pays for that one. Well, unlike you, J J. I will lost. I will watch a Michigan lost. But maybe I'll invoke my J J claws on that one and not watch it because I know Michigan's gonna lose. We do have some breaking news coming down here and and and stars breaks.

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