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The method Cadillac incredible season event, Kevin rich exit Kipling exit ward, but exit the giant that that Autoplex. Sunday. It's came three after the Broncos the jets first pitch and to thirty-seven on KOA NewsRadio. Three is going to be on Sunday afternoon. Coors field for those of you coming into the game. And we hope you'll bring your radios to get all the action with us. The gates are going to open a twelve o'clock for gates a an E that'll have access to the outfield in the rooftop all the remaining gates are going to open a twelve thirty. The Iraqis are suggesting you plan on getting there about an hour before hand just to make sure you're in the ballpark for all the activities that you might consider not bringing a bag to the ballpark is. There are some designated express lanes. If you do not have a bag as for you radio listeners on the weekend. Of course, the Broncos are playing the jets on Sunday. So as we come on the air, the pregame show is going to be on six thirty. Hey, how beginning at one fifty five mountain time. And then depending on where the Broncos game and post game show. We're going at some point. We will bring our coverage back here to the flagship KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM ninety four one FM. And then we will have first pitch at two thirty seven mountain time, and it'll be airman Marcus for the Rockies and Wade Miley going for the brewers also wanna remind you listening in the Denver area that Rockies react is going to come up with the Mike Reiss and Cory Lopez. Right after we sign off here in Milwaukee Yukan commiserate about the tough two days here in Milwaukee. But look forward to the Rockies coming back home to Coors field and getting this series back the way, they want it to be our thanks drew speed back in two Doug Niemeier, both men handling master control for us this afternoon. And of course, we can't do. You anything without the executive producer of the KOA Rockies radio network. That's Jesse Thomas four Jerry shemmel, Jack Corgan saying, thanks. Most of all to you. For listening been tough here the last couple of days, but that's the beauty of baseball Iraqis. Still have a shot never gonna look to turn things beginning on Sunday afternoon. And remember men get your checkups especially after you turn forty do it on an annual basis. No, your family's medical history. Knowledge is we're going to embrace the challenge of conquering prostate cancer. Final score in game. Two of the NFL DS Milwaukee four and the Rockies nothing have a good evening everybody..

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