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On Lee during the year and sale at Mattress firm. A lot of problems out there is the rain is falling in the Chicago area. I 80 westbound is jammed between the veterans Tollway and us 30 he's found I 80 jammed between the Monica Interchange. And Shepley Road where we've got a vehicle in the ditch their huge problems on the inbound Reagan at the Eisenhower, We've gotta crash blocking two left lanes. And elsewhere on the roadways that Eden's is 22 minutes late, Quick road to the junction Outbound 16 Kennedy, inbound from O'Hare, 50 now found a 35 minute ride. Eisenhower in from Thorndale. 46 minutes. The outbound Ike is an hour out two Thorndale. It is solid all the way out to the Reagan on the outbound, like adding to the troubles. There's ah stall. Found at Harlem Avenue Stevenson in from 3 55 31 out down this 47 Dan Ryan in from 95th 20 outbound 26 that is traffic from the WLS Am 8 90 Traffic center. John Dempsey 8 90 wls names Looking for a little action from collegian to professional sports. There's no shortage of action and no better place to get in on the action than what draft kings of Casino Queen Sports Book America's top rated sports book, APP. Downloaded and to celebrate this year's football playoffs Draft kings giving all new players the chance to bet on any of this weekend's professional football games at 100.

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