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Stopping the Trump administration, however, from putting pressure on schools to open this fall, CBS NEWS White House correspondent Ben Tracey reports President Trump once again at odds with his own medical experts as he continues to relentlessly push America schools to reopen. I want to learn in the classroom, so our schools we want him open in the fall. He's also threatening to defund schools that don't open, though he has little power to do so and criticizing the CDC school safety guidelines, calling them very tough and expensive. The head of the CDC later said those guidelines were not written with the idea of keeping schools closed. New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll determine when schools will re open in his state, not the president. If it's not safe for my child, it's not safe for your child. So we'll get the data and we'll make that decision in August. CBS's Jim Carcela has an update on an outbreak of covert 19 in one Southern state House. The number of Corona virus cases linked to an outbreak at the Mississippi capital in Jackson has grown to 36 That includes 26 legislators, The state's Republican speaker of the House and Republican lieutenant governor have both tested positive for covert 19. Many politicians ignored recommendations. Toe wear a mask inside the Mississippi capital in recent weeks. Since the covert crisis began. CBS's Jeffrey Gaze reports that many Asian Americans have been targeted by racial slurs in physical attacks. MIDLAND, Texas In March a hate crime attack their left a man and his two year old with knife wounds across their faces. In April in New York, a man poured acid on an Asian American woman from China. I need to know there have been more than 2000 reports in the US of discrimination and harassment aimed at Asian Americans since mark the Supreme Court is expected to rule on Thursday whether President Trump must turn over his tax and financial records. CBS is Steve Dorsey. Reports from Washington. President Trump has long blocked the release of his financial records, including tax returns, saying he's been the subject of a long running audit. Now the Supreme Court could decide if and how much information should be turned over to a New York City grand jury and Democratic led House committees who have subpoenaed Mr Trump's accounting in bank records. A couple of developing stories were watching at least one person is dead, another injured after a violent tornado touched down near Asbury, Minnesota. Rescuers in California will resume their search at first light for missing actress Naya Rivera. The 33 year old Glee star last seen on a boat in like Peru, Ventura County on Thursday. This is CBS News Doubled, Ethiopia, 203 Thursday.

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