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President Trump has a pick to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court sources telling ABC News is expected to select Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. ABC, Sandra Dim Burt with more on the judge. He's a relative newcomer to the federal bench, having just three years on the Chicago based seven Circuit Court of Appeals, a 48 year old devout Catholic and mother of seven. Barrett would be the youngest Supreme Court nominee since Clarence Thomas in 1991 if she drew the attention of Republicans, in part for being a protege of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Her approval to the federal bench. Back in 2017 was a bitter affair. Now her Supreme Court confirmation process ignites a Titanic political fight. The president expected to officially announces Pick the supporters this afternoon, a new top cop in Rochester, New York, mayor Lovely, Warm Maurin, naming former Rochester police officers Cynthia Harry Sullivan as the new interim police chief. The first woman to head that department. I am confident That she will bring a different perspective, and it's still a fresh approach to policing, both of which are very much needed in our city, particularly at this difficult time. The appointment following protests over the death of Daniel proved a black man who died after a controversial arrest earlier this year, defying a curfew a third night of protests in Louisville Outrage over a grand jury's decision not to directly charge any police officers in the death of Louisville empty Briana Taylor during a controversial rate on her home back in March. ABC is Trevor all these in lieu Jill, where there's more support for the release of the grand jury's transcripts. Kentucky's governor Andy Bashir, is now urging the release of those transcripts as well. He wants the public to have all the facts. But Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says he's not going to release the transcripts or any of the evidence, at least for now because of a pending trial and an ongoing FBI investigation. A number of confirmed US cases code 19 passing seven million. You're listening to ABC News Now. Here's what's.

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