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The union's vote In what world would we think to close something essential like in person education when we have seen the negative effects of that When our bars remain open School districts in Atlanta had Detroit and prince George's county in Maryland have gone to remote learning It's been a year since the January 6th attack on the capitol but law enforcement They're still looking for as many as about 350 people who were there that day Police say they are looking for the ones who used weapons and chemical agents against police Newly sworn in New York City mayor Eric Adams talked today about the unprecedented spike in COVID cases keeping kids in school and crime in the city The mayor took some criticism after a news conference where he said low skill workers can't remote remotely work Today on CBS mornings he clarified a statement When you talk about closing down our city Yeah If you are a dishwasher you can't remotely do your job And we don't have an accountant in the office space coming to a restaurant to occupy their space Exactly Then you're not going into that restaurant That dishwasher is not going to have a job Adam's also was asked about stop and frisk He says he's in support of the policy but not when it unfairly targets communities of color It appears North Korea has test fired a missile according to South Korea's joint chiefs of staff North Korea fired an unidentified projectile toward the sea of Japan It is the first launch since Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile in October Live from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studios This is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries I'm Michael Barr this is Bloomberg Paul Tom Michael Barr thanks so much Paul Sweeney I look at where we are with the ADP reported claims report tomorrow Joshua Shapiro over to MFR economics saying we're going to see an adjustment Some of the gloom economists some of those looking for under 400,000 at 400,000 may bring up their estimates a little bit Yeah exactly Tom I think we're trying to get a sense here on the labor market And the thing I focus on obviously a lot of economists say is focus on the participation rate or people coming back into the workforce I also look at a wage inflation Are we going to see a pick up in wages here Because we know we have this short term inflation out there that's hitting everybody at the gas pump in the supermarket Are you going to see some pickup in wages to offset that So you have the actual labor number the participation rate the wages all ties in together The way you just tie it together and you'll see if it's a wage price spiral as the gloom crew fears about It's interesting or as Ira Jersey said folks the idea of you know I'm sorry unimaginable 7% inflation but then we'll down as well There's a stew to the market today We're watching Brent crude solidly at $80 The barrel maybe because of.

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