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He's nasty offensively. He could be the first power play guy but yeah this guy skating we keep saying everyone like nurse gets better this kid. He continues to do the same exact thing. This year was the first year. Everyone's like whoa if he didn't progress at all at this point you're still looking at a bargain. And if he came in and say there's an upside to it. It's like oh my goodness. Here's lula morello's another another paul. Mary's just wait. And you know palmares resigning there. But nothing's come out yet so it's just like like i'll get to you later. Torrisi too low knows what he's doing. You can't question siri. Siri has a little amarillo voice. But it's only for prospects and people. Who are cy within the organization and comes through. You got actually a funny joke by a broken rib. Ara told me to honesty. They hurt more today than yesterday. I i did. My thought might have been one was hit muscles. She don't necessarily see but you have but then like today. It's like because i don. I did throw myself a little bit. So dominic acid car hurts for two more days. I'll get an insurance company. Trying to get his equal. His claim is like yeah. I broke my right nostril. My taste buds for in the acid. If i were still if i was still working for the city i'd go fly tomorrow like i'd walk and work with like a hoodie sweatshirt. The back lesson okay. Them slide on water like i broke my ribs and make sure you get paid right. Did you can tell you guys a great story about that fake in we gotta to do it in college for a guy so we might have been out and then we got new He might have gotten a little tussle out of town at the bar so he broke his hand but we can never take. You couldn't tell anybody that because he could lose a scholarship to coach. Kill all of us. You know so we come back. He has to suck it up from saturday night until monday afternoon when we start doing team workout and we were using medicine balls so we had to sit there with a broken hand waiting and then when one of us through the medicine. Baldo me like fakes. Like headset is like all my hand. My hand i broke my hand goes to the emergency room. Gets it all done up. Misses first two months of the year. Nobody ever found out about like four or five us the new about it. We kept it a secret the whole year at the end of the season. We told coach. He's like you assholes hours a good one. Hey coach fired for doing a team player though man you gotta cover up for that guy. Nhl stories of getting the saying the guy gets bag. Because you're late so you put your get china in the all you relate. But that's fake. In the old. The hand injury and terry ryan told the story about that when he lost his teeth and he lost his insurance so they weren't going to pay for his teeth so he like faked it the miners or he might even got him knocked ourself himself after escaping yet at all. Oh yeah he's yeah. That savage seattle cracking not done yet because they signed restricted free agent. Vince done to a two year. Eight million dollar deal. They of course claimed him from saint louis in the expansion draft. The also signed unrestricted. Free agent ford. Marcus jillions into a one year. One point five million dollar deal. He'll be thirty one when the season starts. That could be a value deal vince done. You're surprised at that number. I mean jay. So i kind of look at vince. Done like a brandon menteur so i played I i think. I've seen enough of him in the american league and then him come up to the nhl to saint louis and you know. Sometimes you're like okay. Yeah this guy's going gonna be able to take the next leap and same with brennan menteur. When he was out with anaheim. That's where we started. Then he he a buffalo snake right. Yeah it kind of derailed on. But he's kinda like that smooth-skating ofensive type defenseman. Where yeah. I think this guy he might put up tyson berry numbers. All of a sudden might be able to stop it around two pending on but depending on the situation that he's in so for for two years at four million a year. I think it's a good deal I don't i interested to see if you can take that next step. Because i don't think he ever got to be that guy in saint louis. Yeah he he's gonna be like who got to vegas just whom i think. Yeah i mean he said but he had the chance boom. He went to vegas and he's just getting a plane. Donald get that chance he never got it was it was theodore menteur. And then one other defenseman in the schmidt a couple on the anaheim system where you're kind of like all the a couple of swedish agonise older and he'd already gotten paid fowler and that i think manson was one of the guys they also protect. Wasn't sure maybe there might be one other name in there but we're fox. Can this guy. Kind of be the guy i think in seattle. I think he's going to have that opportunity words. You know but. I think because what you're saying in terms of maybe a little bit of inconsistency is probably why you didn't get a longer deal from them or maybe he even wanted to years. I shouldn't say that that was the case but they probably looked at like. We're not going to give this guy five year. We're to see what we got. All y'all got the winning pedigree to which can't get enough of that in the locker room and that's where you kinda value is like what type of impact you have on that that stanley cup win and like it's like yeah he was. He was a factor for sure. But i think that in hockey world is only going to get overpaid now. It's a case of like. Hey we we actually need you to be part of maybe not the core. We need you to be A bigger piece than definitely than you want. You were in saint. Louis i mean you think of the names on that saint louis cop i mean don's he's on the lower your list and that's not taking anything from any stanley cup winner but on my crazier well. That's now eight not seattle and late. We talk about the power plate now. Maybe he's the top guy on that power play and that just points all day right. And that's all that he's going to get that confidence and he's just going to run with those vegas guys. They got there. They got the play a little more. They've got the confidence has no we eight if you get confident. You're on a run. It's the best if your crops has exactly gambling putting a spot and you start doing well and you're like oh my god like no one's going anywhere here like i'm gonna be if i continue to do this. That's been the case for guys in vegas now grant which their lineups. It seems quite awesome but it guys are getting paid is more than anything. What i'm saying. I boys up a bunch of other science here. I'll write them off if you want to chime inches job in Colorado signed unrestricted. Free agent defenseman ryan murray one year. Two million dollars deal i sing. Lewis also signed a pair of restricted free agent forwards jordan cairo. Two years five points. Achaia zach employer..

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