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Opening up the school and the business Corona virus relief package by Senate Republicans expected to give $1200 checks to most Americans. Hawaii got some good news today is Hurricane Douglas tracked away from the islands. Central Pacific Hurricane Center, Science and Operations Officer Robert Ballard says the island's dodged a bullet as the storm moved away. But as Hurricane Douglas tracked West Northwest, it was still a hurricane with winds over 90 miles an hour, which just goes to show you that not every hurricane. That comes into the local Hawaiian waters is going to be weakening. Surf was still expected to be high, especially on the island of Hawaii, and rainfall. Accumulations were expected to be a size 3 to 6 inches. It's Jessica Rosenthal reporting. The average price of gas in San Diego is now the highest. It's been since March 25th on average gallon in San Diego of regular gas will now cost you about $3 in 18 cents. The average cost of a gallon of about two cents is last week and 10 cents higher than a month ago. But 50 cents less than one year ago. And today's national days all come together to make a complete dinner meal with dessert. Even Today is National Chicken Finger Day. It's also national creme Brule a day and it's also national Scotch Day. The three national days can be celebrated on their own or all together at once, like today. On Wall Street. The Dow today was up 114 points that as deck gained 173. It's 3 34 Let's check out three ways now with Coco's real time Traffic years. Laura King. Thank you from your always sunny San Diego Honda dealers. Traffic Center South found five after Bass alone Road. The small aircraft is on the right hand shoulder a little backup there, North bound 15 after the 76 crash clear to the right shoulder, but it left behind a bunch of slowing before the 76.

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