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On Staten Island, 70 overcast separate them one time now What's trending on 77 W A. B, c and w abc radio dot com. Please say a 60 year old Staten Island father charged in the shooting death of his 34 year old son Sunday. Joseph Smith allegedly fatally shot his son, claiming the killing was an accident. He's charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. And off duty. Fdn. Why firefighter facing suspension now, after allegedly pushing and tempting to choke an ex girlfriend at his apartment on the Upper West Side, 32 year old Abraham Kastner is charge of criminal obstruction and assault. And the NYPD says all on all 472 police officers suffered injuries during this year's protests. W ABC News Time 7 34, and that's time for Tim bottom. Oh, for Joe Nolan with traffic and transit. Well, Deb, it's a mess on the westbound B. Q. We get eggs 20 all lane still shut for serious accident in the area. And it is bumper to bumper eastbound approaching exit 20 on the L I e a lot of folks taking a peek in seeing heavy Robert hacking volume. Over the Hudson River crossings at the George Lincoln in Holland, five minutes inbound apiece. Elsewhere in New Jersey, eastbound 80 an overturned vehicle exit, 64 cleared away the Garden State Parkway accident cleaned up south bound of 1 50 form Clifton and also route 19. We are still seeing an action and traveling on the South bound side at County Road. I'm Tim Bonham O on talk radio 77 w A B C your forecasts from the Ramsey Super Weather Center calling forth mostly cloudy skies and highs. 76 a 30% chance of Light drizzle or showers throughout the day..

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