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Of, their series with Mike Dunn from the Rockies bullpen right now on the disabled. List but she threw, a live EP session in, a Mike and I. Know you get scared, away by the rain for a little bit but other, than that how to go. Our great everything felt really good got a little tired but it was expected towards the back end of. It. But a good little step it was kind. Of my last hurdle kind of moving forward to hopefully tomorrow and the next, day recovery good and kind of go head out on real I? Know that when you have these. Kinds of sessions you look for pain did you feel anything at all that was out of the ordinary I, didn't feel anything at all I was kind of treating it as game life really wanted. To go at our own. Guys and you know try to give them my best, stuff so I can get the best read from. Them and I, felt really good what is it that you you're looking new complex Today mechanically. Anything particular just trying to get a workout session Mechanically keeping everything in rhythm because I'm treating it. As a as a game is different than bullpens Intensity level kind. Of jumps, up a little bit more and trying to keep my timing. Together and not overdo it you know it's which. Got to control going from bullpens to live scenarios and I know that's gonna be my, next step whenever I go into a rehab game as much as. You try to simulate a game it's not a game until you're actually out. There in a matter so it's trying to control your body and your tempo throughout the whole time there's times where I, got quick and I was able to slow it back down and get back in the zone You know just want to execute your pitches and you know command balls you can I know the patients, is really key in in these situations you've been around this block. Before you you really have to take one? Step at a time don't you Mike yeah I mean as much as we want to go from first bullpen to game scenario it's just they're. Stepping stones you gotta take and sometimes it takes longer than you wanted to and you know right, now I'm, just excited hopefully till, the next, couple of days where I can move forward and you. Know head out on rehab and get back to help the team when the team is playing like it is in the playoff hunt which is about all. A player could ask for really does it does it make you more anxious than would normally I knew he had a. Good team, and you just want to be there and you want to. Be in the battle with the guys and so. Whenever you're not able to you just try to help out in any manner you can, you know before games during games after games whatever you can do. To try to help the team that's really all you're trying to do whenever. You're actually plan to go out there and do your job and try to try to help the team win ballgames It's been fun.

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