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Jerry Jerry, Oscars, Greg Hill discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show


Of the day? It's something like that shocked when you which also seems like kind of known for the saying dummy lot I stepped on your brand. I guess I would never. Here's our dumdum of the day. She's I wonder who it is. That's a great question. I find vile tomorrow. Maybe it's funny. They've got the Greg Hill. Has that segment now. And then a dale show has the one eighty of the week doc. So they're just taking the same segment where plays stupid sound right and repackaging it for every show. Dale consumes one hundred calories a minute for an entire segment. Is that not audrey noon thirty. I'm ashamed to say to make fun of their segments ships. They have not Shaquille with noon third. I'd like to get intimate with right but it's some point if you're driving around today check it out and I listen. Kevin Graham. Who's a nice guy? Was the program director before Arbonne them and just was US FROM I in Utah Bounce around Nice guys the often do yes very overwhelmed when he walked into particularly with me and Jerry in the morning and and I remember one time we were sitting around and I think I forget we lost touch with a couple of weeks in a row and when you do that becomes toll panic time. What do we do like we lost by four there more segments? That that's exactly it okay. And so we're sitting there. And and and Jerry was like maybe we as you do something like I forget in Kevin's like exactly as it gets great. He's like you get a couple of things going titles going you'll be on your way and I was like when you're not doing it. How about the Callahan? As we are not not doing that but he was so I just remember his face lighting up. I actually had something this conversation. Now Jerry's he's let me in new of. He said that he would have been rose. Just been like fuck off a nice where he was a very nice guy right. That's right that's right true right right right. Sure you're right true. No you're right I gotta get the Yoga. The Jerry's got the he's got the perfect voice for drops. That's why it's funny but it is close all the time raping boys and it was. It'd be looking at it but I never did it till I got there. They're all you're scared of him or something like but it doesn't seem like it would give you know. Yeah he like well. He's oddly. It's weird like you said it. But he doesn't want to desensitize right. I am a you could make fun of him. But he wouldn't let producers do it. Maybe I guess why Jerry Jerry hold your horses for a second okay hold on. I just wanted to happen Jerry. Horse get to this awesome it just jerry relaxed. We can hear one before this. I want to hear he's come. We all have to drop him saying like hold on. May the hand the thing that Mike mentioned the other day for the read for the commercial no have that now pipe down. I'm in the car. Jerry forty miles away and then I had read The Oscar nominations yesterday. Yes and once again enough for my taste Adam Sandler dominate. This is our you sort of you know. This narrative is now being formed at the Oscars. And we're going to have the the the the woman who I began this. What's her name? Steve April Rain April rains real name. By the way we'll find out seems we can ask odd. You know what I mean. It's it's our E. G. N.. Hopefully she'll be she'll be you know if we should be playful rebels. I give her credit for coming on but this the way I look at it as either Hollywood is the most liberal place in the world or it's not which is it like you know and you gotta remember the how it works for the first of all thinkable? We're talking about here to fucking award show questions. Okay Oh man I have a fetish for the Oscars I mean I'm entertained by the whole fucking self-absorption of Said Hey we're not doing the Oscars this year life. Would Your Life Change. No it would it would go on. It would go on Sunday night for you would change. It will go on. Yeah but you know you gotta remember I I all people understand this. It's like people get their vote. The vote for everything. So the producers vote for best picture the actors vote for actors and actresses. The SIM talkers for their own specific category. So you're telling me they we all get together before it starts and say. Hey you know what. We're going wait again this year. Well yeah well. That seems unlikely them you simplistic mind. That what they do is they. Individuals we live in this culture of racism so individually they are automatically vote comes. Do a collaboration. Yeah so why Black People get nominated at all why I women get nominated. Well one of my questions also going to be that. Do you think it ever leads to kind of pandering nomination. Like we saw Black Panther and crazy rotations. Get now those are moves. It wouldn't typically comedy and Comic Book Movie. Wouldn't typically get nominated and I'm glad they did. They were good movie like to see more movies. More comedy should definitely a man. It's also better for the fucking broadcast. Here's the other thing. Might General too stuffy organism clearly and they and they have tried to to loosen up the last few years and I think that's a good idea honestly also I would say this I know. Why are they doing these Oscar? Nominations at eight fifteen on the weekday morning on Youtube into wisest actual television show. This is weird. Okay Okay boomer because no it's the opposite I actually I can see a guy. I don't understand because they've been doing it this way forever. They you know why they do. It's actually it actually is the okay boomer. I hate that thing. They do it so the morning shows will broadcast live. Yes which is very one thousand nine hundred eighty two way to think. Yeah well now now but then I mean I guess the reason they do like that now than you do today to fifteen and then people are talking about it all day. Long Primetime special at nine o'clock to talk about the whole next day true. Yeah I guess actually get decent a decent number wash that I guess. If it's it's on but it is they do it very they would have to put more pomp and circumstance. Like it's very I think at least what I the cuts. I've seen very boring where they're literally just like. We needed to Caprio. It was so bad in Phoenix so I watch it live yesterday. I'm a loser. They had Isa Raise their name and John chose at his name. The actress they did it and it was so weird so he did it like in this room in every time they announced nominee. There'd be applause so everyone like best costume design. If you could finest Stephanopoulos it was so uncomfortable. It was just weird and then when the directors were nominated Suray. Forget her name. She's a comedian. She said. Congratulations those five if men That's right stand plan a little.

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Jerry Jerry, Oscars, Greg Hill discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

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