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And see if he wants to talk to you so besides going to school what Is there anything else? You've been what you've been doing to track. Keep track your time any new music anything. You're doing that well so far while I was like analysts into one of my record records and my record question every day because my friend father recently like cleaned up all. I don't want this money Bob. Seger records and so I- received many of the cats off. Now I have multiple dire straits albums and things. I was like listen through those but I was doing that for a while. And then you know Kinda was like. Oh No guy. I don't know if the motivation anymore but hopefully helping to get back in it We've we've cleared out the DVR And so And so now we're kind of talking about what shows the binge and the look on This week I made a specific choice too often when I'm working from home Not permanently just like when I worked from home in the past. I'll have the TV on in the background and so it may take me three hours to get through an hour program but you know I get through it This week I did the same thing with some certain number. I'm like I'm just GonNa have a movie on if I need to take forever to watch the movie. If I think I've watched get in so this week I've done more reading between you know so I've not turned on the TV. Except that. When I get off work and I've just been reading I'm horribly. Yeah I'm so bored by all of my bucks. What are you reading? I've got so I read Harlan. Corbin's the boy from the woods is his new. Yeah Yeah It's really an interesting premise. The The you know the sky. This young boy was discovered living in the woods. And then you go forward to year. He's an adult And there's a a young teenage girl goes missing and then a In a teenage boy goes missing. So it's a mystery. It's pretty good and then. Oh Yeah I love love the Bat. Yeah so and yeah and if you haven't read much. Harlan Copen He's he's huge springsteen fan and all his books are really good and So and they do a routinely. Bill run them on sale for ninety nine in kindles. That's worth it so yeah I finished one Called more than this. Which has a very similar I. It opens the kid's death so you know he like he died within the first two pages just fair and the whole novel of a mystery. It was so good that I like I was like okay. I have to do other work and then I was like four. I could not do other work and finish this book and I sit until I finish it. Which was the first time. I felt like that about a book now. Very Long Time. Guess Okay. Very cool so Did you get to hear a bruce on East street radio because you get to hear his little DJ session? I'm access so unnatural act eastern radio. If I don't have serious okay I guess so right. Now they're giving you a free access to serious for thirty days but Everyone tweeted it was a very ECLECTIC playlist. That was really good In you know about it so yeah I'm sure it's available out there and they're gonNA be replaying it so yeah if you go to Sirius. Xm On your computer frequently replayed that. Yes absolutely and they will. They're letting you have A free sign on right now as in so many other things are It's been Kinda cool wall as many things that are depressing about this but it's also kind of cool the amount of entertainment that people have given for free. I mean musicians. Hey I'm just going to set up a facebook live and I'm going to sing and and if I will Ryan Bingham has every single day. He posts a video consult singing songs from his house. And that has been excellent. Don't tell my forensic psychology professor but when his lecture get kind of boring I just go and watch. Whatever Ryan Digging has really sat day? Yeah and We've we've seen tons of You know different Other Musicians and kind of talks Brad. Meltzer has been doing story times where he'll read one of his. I am books and just recently this week. Billie Jean King read I am Billie Jean King? Which was Kinda Cool? So adorable acids checking the night. Yeah I'm sure that's it's on the line you know. That's the beauty of these so So bill that it it has been nice to be Corentin in an era where there are there like entertainment on the Internet. Like if I were quarantined in Spanish lupines I'd go not yes absolutely absolutely I agree So one of the things that I don't know if this is healthy or not but Linda in I have gotten the habit of doing a trump press conference happy hour. And we do we do a drinking game where you're trying to build a drinking game or a Bingo Bingo. And so anytime he says like pets. Okay that's a job. That's a shod you know China and like the theories having himself on his back. We just go A lot of people said. Why do you good pitcher? That torture and I said well we're for doing it more out of entertainment and frustration. So that just you know you wanna be aware of what's going on but it's so horrible to listen to. You might as well try to make it fun absolutely so Any thoughts on as we've As we're recording this John Prime just passed away In Bill Withers to say nothing of Kenny Rogers. Any thoughts I had not warned you beforehand. So it's okay if you have no yeah I mean it is so all the doctor so very sad but I would be talking out of turn to you know pretend. I had huge connection to some of those artists except for bill withers I once Trust in drag and audition for the college all male acapella group by singing ain't no sunshine they But I have you know. It's been really interesting watching the corona virus and watching how the government has kind of responded to it and comparing and contrasting that from the AIDS EPIDEMIC. And looking at like wow. We really learned nothing from a horrible virus. That killed you know. Hundreds of thousands of people and caught America completely unprepared. We now have. We have to respond viruses and create epidemiology program that can provide a rapid response and truly have learned. Nothing like Nineteen eighty-one which is upsetting to realize. You always think government is like moving in the right direction. I had not thought of that. But if you could expand on that a little bit Bella. That's that's a pretty interesting thought. Yeah so It's been really my father was saying as he and my mom were. They were like talking. 'cause my mom went over to bring him homemade cloth map and they were talking. About how once again? They're watching Anthony. Fauci like be the adult in the room to Horrific public health crisis the differences. That now at least it's something. The president is willing to acknowledge and talk about even if he's downplaying the severity of it but just like in the nineteen eighties like his lack of action and he's misinformation has caught live particularly when he's about thing where he was like. I'M GONNA call it Chinese virus like no no. No no no no we learned that if you stigmatize a group of people you make it harder to get people to health care that they need so it's been very I mean. I didn't expect trump to be student of public health history. Like I course is reacting this way but it is surprising that no one after the AIDS epidemic was like what's the CDC a little more money so they're prepared when something like this happens the CDC some independence with authority so they can you know respond independently of the president when a public health crisis hits. No one did that. And we all just Kinda Salvador hands and we're like we're not going to have another epidemic. It's going to be fine but yeah it's it's it's an interesting point villa because you know. I've been sitting here I will also admit to when this first started coming up in you know in January and even in February someone at my new job came to me and said you know. I'm really worried about this. You Know Corona virus. And what are we GONNA do? And she was very anxious and I was Nice but in my mind I was rolling my eyes and going come on. You're you're your just being a little paranoid it's GonNa be okay and Fast forward a month later and I'm like holy crap now one of the things that I have. My new boss is very smart and And the owner of our company is very smart and And they both learned. They said you know they were watching a lot of Cnbc An Fox business where these leaders from the West Coast Seattle businesses. Were saying everything they did wrong and so he said we were able to build from him like he was planning. I work from home yet. He was planning to work from home like two weeks before. He's like it's coming. It's going to make us we're GONNA have to do this And so we were ready. You know almost you know we were starting this two weeks before our county Dallas County. Put a lock down. He was already started. He says I just know it's going to happen. out that would really. Smart. Yeah But in and what he Our boss in my new job is roadside assistance for RV. The World Yeah and so And as part of that membership is if you own an RV and you by a roadside assistance with us We throw in roadside assistance for your personal cars so so we get automobile and RV. People I've locked keys out. I've run out of gas. You know I'm my car stopped I need jump to. I've gotten a wreck and I need my car towed all kinds of things and so So David owner and he's had to town hall meetings and he's been He says I don't want you to worry. We have the financial resources to ride this out. cut and he says the reality is. I am more worried about when things go back to quote unquote normal. He says because I think we will be very busy. I think that Win this quarantine is lifted. People are going to want to get the heck out of dodge and also I absolutely not yet and traffic is going to be heavier than normal. So and we're always busy in the summer anyway so he says that you know we're just GonNa be really busy weedy to do everything we can in. That's been our mantra to okay. Let's train as much as we can. Let's remind people like sharpener skills so that when the flood gate opens were ready for it. Oh wow very prescient. It isn't it was. I'm I'm feeling really blessed. You know they're It it's it's it is a It's a very interesting dynamic. the other bonus My boss in his previous life worked on political campaigns and he mostly state campaigns local campaigns. I was GONNA say he's familiar with tyrod yes and And he mostly like he was He said he never was a party. Guy It was Oh Bella Pori is smart. She is someone. I agree with her politics. I want support Bella. Well that was an independent. I don't care I'm supporting bell. I'm not supporting the Democrat. I'm not supporting the republic supporting. Yeah and so So we've had very interesting discussions that I've never to a boss during the whole This when we were still we were still in the midst of all the caucuses and the primaries of totally never discussion. I've never had with a boss before and sleep probably good but because I only ever worked and it would be like neglectful of my duties I have had conversations with the boss like every day with one of my boss was start with him being like this. Zaken like twenty pickings. What do you think Hillary chances are now like? I don't know what I got your studio though but that was it. We would talk about and You know he He said he was a big amy. Fan and And he said that he thought Mayor Pete had just a few more years experience or just a little bit something he would go to our owner and say. I need leave of absence because I need to go work for this guy. I gotta say I respect him a lot. More for recognizing the lack of experience. That was one of the things that I I. I was like Pete me to drop out like immediately because every time I see him on stage husband a little closer to voting for him Which thankfully he dropped out before the New York primary and now I don't even know being your primary but neither here nor there but I'm I'm glad he's been pleased. Who is a mayor like? I J- I can't do that. That's not what this country needs. So I'm glad he recognized the like maybe you know when Pe- Bene- campaign and takes out jumping Indiana senator Gary something else at the place in the. I don't know who the other Indiana is but I would love to see Pete. Run against that Yes I would too but that was interesting discussion. And you know that. He he kind of recognized and saw that so We haven't had a chance now that we're all we're working remotely talking about the latest thing about you. Know a friend of mine who will go unnamed. Protect me last night and she was like. I'm not voting in the New York crying. She was like..

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